Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Mommy Moments by Mommy Chris theme for this week is Feeding Time...

So here is my boy Braiden who really loves his food...  glorious FOOD...
Taken when he was around 7 months old while eating his fave chocolate custard...

And here is his latest pic while eating a Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!
I say that he is such a good eater ,, he loves pasta, rice,Mcdonalds (of course) chocolate and pizza...   he also eats lettuce and beans and lately he tried cucumber and he liked it...
Basically he is a Happy eater and can outdo his dad when it comes to pizza and pasta... Must be the Italian in him....


  1. yummy chocolate.. looks like he loves chicken too!!mine is here

  2. Yummy chicken, bet it's one of his faves! Have a great weekend!

  3. ahh sarap kumaim ah!! =) hehehe =) yes mc donalds, who cant resist that! ahahhaha =)

  4. Wow! Lucky you he eats vegetables, my daughter rarely I just sneak it on her food! Yummy chicken he made me hungry!

    Hope you can visit mine too :) Happy weekend!


  5. How cute! My Little Princess LOVES fried chicken, too! I keep trying to get her to eat vegetables, but she so far will only eat corn and carrots - the rest of the veggies she refuses to eat...she used to like broccoli, but for some reason decided that she doesn't like it anymore... :)

  6. I like the first two pictures i remember my son when he was that age heehhe cute one. Mine is also up... TC

    My entry is here hope you visit

  7. babies are so cute when they eat.. they get all messy and they seem to enjoy every bite! :D

  8. Aw! Very cute Braiden as always.

    Ako kahit walang dugong Italiano, sasabay pagkain sa mag-ama mo. I am a pizza/pasta monster e. Hehe!

  9. I guess all kids love pasta in every form and color, hehe!

  10. you can't go wrong with pasta and chicken with kids. When we eat out, I always order pasta or chicken coz I'm sure my princess will eat them.

  11. I love how messy he looks. Cute! Yummy chicken too!

    Mine's here by the way.

  12. Chicken is a favorite among kids eh?

    My second born he only knows chicken, a pork is a chicken a beef is a chicken anything is chicken, even veggies can be chicken hehe

    Braiden's eyes are so expressive..

    feeding time naman with my kids are not that difficult, just make sure that every chewable food is called chicken LOL

    Make or Break

  13. Wow, what a good eater. He's so adorable. My little one has gotten picky over the years. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take care.