Saturday, February 21, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Toy/s with Numbers)

Hello TOY HUNTERS,,,,, Its a special Saturday today because it's Bianca's 4th Birthday!!!!!
I just quickly took a snap of these toys this morning ... rushing because I have some stuff to do for my lil girl's birthday..
I will also post her very special gift/ toy that she received for her birthday...

Well,, lets go back to TOY HUNT... Our theme for this week is Toy/s with numbers..

This is Little People Preschool , you must have noticed that I've been posting Little people most of the time,, because my kids have heaps of them,,, or I should say I like buying it for them.. Just find it educational and fun..

This is Elmo talking phone... this is a baby toy but Bianca still love playing with this.. 

Come and join us.. see TOY HUNT details here


  1. happy birthday to your bianca! :)

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Bianca. Mwaah! Same age pala sila ng bunso ko halos kasi turning 4 din yun this year. Colorful toys with numbers Joy..that's cool elmo one. Mine is up early than usual hehe.

  3. wow what a nice toy.....=) mine is up! =)

  4. Happy birthday to your lovely Bianca!

    Can't blame you, Little People are not just educational and fun but very cute too. Oh we just love watching them on telly. Cool Elmo phone btw. :)

    Have fun and take care. :)

    Twinkie Calls

  5. Happy Birthday, Bianca! What cool toys you have here! I like the Elmo phone!

  6. hello mommy joy, I got a new domain name, please update my url at your toy hunters section...thanks!

    Mine is up and so glad I'm back!

  7. i love the phone though....that's why Bianca never give it up... hehehe

  8. My child would probably play with these toys even if its old. And Happy Birthday to Bianca. She has nice toys.

  9. Happy Birthday to yuor Bianca! My second boy is also turning 4 next month.. I noticed nga na you were posting a lot of Little People toys.. it's a good toy for play pretends no.

    The Elmo phone is adorable specially its eyes, cuteness!

    Make or Break

  10. Happy 4th birthday to your little angel Joy! super ganda yang Bianca mo. God bless..

  11. Happy birthday to your little angel... ang cute naman ng elmo talking phone, hehe...
    anyway, late na naman ako for posting, LOL!
    Have a wonderful Monday!