Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Bike

This is my entry for Pink Fridays

This is what Santa gave to Bianca for last Christmas ,, her very own adorable Pink Bike



  1. I am thinking of joining this meme, nakakahawa ka kasi! I never really liked pink until I knew that we're having a baby girl. Now, wherever I turn to inside our home, there's pink!

    That shot of Bianca's pink bike is very nice! Naintimidate lang ako kasi baka for "photographers" lang ang Pink Fridays, eh alam mo naman ako, wala kaalam-alam sa pagpipicture. :)

    Anyway, about the tag, yes sweetie, that's my bad. I remember reading your wishlist and it includes an iphone and some lense which you now both have diba? Ah! The power of visualization and wishful thinking...

    Be back by tomorrow!

  2. hello mommy! i am sorry we didn't have a meme last Friday. anyway, i wrote a small explanation here:

    hope you can have time to visit. thank you very much. again, i am really sorry.

  3. pink bike i'm sure it's cute. i did played too. have a great week.