Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Wardrobe

It's been awhile since I posted my organising stuff....  I 've been feeling slack lately....  I might say that I am pre occupied with Braiden when he started Kindergarten  4 weeks ago,, and I still haven't posted his pictures yet..... bad bad bad..... I've been procastinating.... I need to visit and read more organizing stuff,, to keep my blood flowing......... get off my bum and start tackling again  ,, stuff before they accumulate ever further...

Let me start with wardrobe... Few months ago I organized my wardrobe and it was perfect for me!!!! Check out here what I did  Wardrobe clean up and to keep updated ,, it is still a bit organized...  

so I 'm still on the right track ,, but Autumn is coming and soon I will change my wardrobe again ,, so bulky winter clothes will be out of my storage bag again   and I need to fix the space  to fit them all... So ,, I m not really looking forward to  it... Im quite happy with my summer clothes as of now....
So here are some stuff to share ... 
I've been reading and bloghopping to get some more inspiration ..

Organising Your Space
*Set the scene
*Make sure your wardrobe is cool and dark – warmth encourages mildew, while sunlight can fade clothes.

*Keep it airy
*Don't overstuff your clothes – good air circulation means less chance of mustiness. If you don't have enough hanging space, only hang clothes for that season and store clean out-of-season items in suitcases.

*Hanging space
*Long dresses and coats need 1.4–1.6m; jackets and shirts need 850mm; and the wardrobe needs to be 600mm deep to accommodate clothes hung on a rail.

*Height restrictions
*Shelves in your wardrobe shouldn't be higher than 1.8–2m if you're going to use them regularly.

*Hanging and Folding

*Always hang clothes with zippers closed, buttons done up and pockets empty – this keeps garments in the right shape and leaves less chance for snags from other hangers.

*Hang like with like – not only does this make it easy to find everything, it also helps you spot gaps in your collection

*Wooden hangers are excellent for items that keep their shape (think cotton shirts), while padded hangers are ideal for anything that loses its shape when hung – they also soften the edges for more fragile items. Better still, fold these and put away in a drawer, or on a shelf.

*Wire hangers look mean but work perfectly well with more durable clothes – just don't hang anything wet on them or you risk rust marks.

*Skirts benefit from a hanger with clips, which allows them to keep their shape.
Don't fold trousers. They need to be hung with clips in your wardrobe – either by their hems or the waistband, with the centrefold on each leg facing out.

*Most of your folded items might go in a chest of drawers, but either way, a good rule to follow is to store from smaller items down to larger.

Shoes and Handbags
*Try to keep shoes off the floor. Storing them in their boxes is a great idea – they won't gather dust and are easily stacked. Pin a photograph of the shoes to their box so you can find them easily. Or put them in plastic boxes so you can see them – but throw in some of those little sachets of desiccant silica gel, as plastic doesn't breathe. Shoetrees are good for helping shoes keep their shape, or try inexpensive hanging canvas pockets.

*If you're storing handbags that you won't use for a while, first give them a thorough clean – empty every nook and cranny, vacuuming out the debris at the bottom, and wiping the exterior with a barely damp cloth. If the bag is leather, use a leather conditioner and ensure teh bag is completely dry before you store it. Then stuff it with acid-free tissue to keep its shape, and put it in a cloth bag. Place on the top shelf of the wardrobe, or in boxes like your shoes!
Source  Marie Claire magazine 


  1. so neat. You inspired me to do some organizing this week ;)

  2. nice tips.. I may not need it though.. I am suffering from OCD and closet is my domain LOL
    my mom can't even put up with me when it comes to closet organizing..

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