Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love letters from Kids

Mommy Moments by  Mommy Chris..... The theme is Love letter..
I only have these Preschool compilation or scrapbook of their  Arts and Crafts that they did the whole year....    

After the year is finished the teachers compile all the stuff and  it look good, the kids enjoy looking at their work and really proud of it..  

The 1st pic is made by Braiden  and the 2nd is from Bianca....

So have a good day everyone and check out Mommy Moments for some more love letters...


  1. aaawww... nothing makes a mommy proud but to see works of their kids :) thanks for sharing mommy Joy! :D

  2. nice art work...can't wait for my little to start creating her own card...hopefully for me. :)

  3. nice letter!!! sweet! =) o nga me i luv yah p yungbear aaahhaha! =) ei visit my books nmn....baka gusto mo purchase sa me sidebar ko =) ped eko mag shift dyans a US ahahha and my bags too....

  4. how sweet! who wouldn't feel warmth with those hearts?
    hope you have a nice day!