Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doll house for Bianca

This is my entry for Pink Fridays...

Lil Princess Bianca celebrated her 4th birthday last Saturday and this is what she received.
Daddy Joe thought that this doll house would be a perfect gift for her,,, he always see Bianca doing a pretend play ,, she would be sitting in a corner with all her bags and dollies and talking... so dad thought that this doll house is perefect for her.. at first I was hesitant to give in because I told him that it is too big and will take up yoo much space in her room,., but now I can see how happy Bianca is and she is enjoying it...So it means that this would be the start of Barbie collection.....
It is a really cute house,, it comes with a lift/ elevator  and some other furniture...

and of course the barbie to go in the house...


  1. nice one! my daughter saw this and she said ... where can we buy that?! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! The pink doll house is pretty nice. I wish I could have daughter I mean. :)

    Thanks for playing Pink Fridays! What a fabulous entry!