Friday, February 27, 2009

Bonding Time

mommy moments
Mommy Chris Mommy Moments....

These are our Bonding Time ......
We spent most of our time with the Children....
For those who knew us ,, they would say that we are always out and about family....

Every week , my hubby and I take the kids out anywhere,, we just dont sit in the house and do nothing,, even if we just take them for a drive ,, dine out or have a wonderful holiday ,, we just love spending time with them!!!!!

2008 had been such a good year for us....
some of the activities we've done..

Holiday at Hamilton Island...
taking the kids on a sailboat
snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
Helicopter ride to see the reef,, (2007)

Weekend at Port Macqurie, steam train ride
took the kids to beaches
Disney on Ice
Flower show in Canberra
Taronga Zoo
Ice Skating
Took them to the snow
Wild life
Eating out
Rock Climbing
Wiggles concert
Dorralong Valley resort
Thomas the tank trains
Sydney Aquarium
Australia Zoo
the list goes on and on and on...... why do we do it????
My husband work so hard and he believes that he need to spend time with his family after work,, taking us out and giving us all the love and the best..... and I admire him for that!!!!!


  1. Great bonding moments and such a wonderful list of places you visited. I am very fond of taking my son to the famous recreational locations too.I also enjoy the activities. And Australia is beautiful country.

  2. wow, very good that you were able to document your year and your trips! :) thanks for sharing your pics with us! indeed, these are great bonding moments!

  3. Wow! Taray ng bonding moments ng inyong family. :D Sama naman kami minsan! Hihi!

    Joy, madali lang yung Animoto AVP. $30 siya per year pero pag may referral (jdtwinks is my sister's account name) $25 na lang. :)
    Kapag sa pc ninyo I'm sure in 10 minutes rendered na ang video. :)

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