Friday, February 27, 2009

TOY HUNT (Toy/s with letters)

Hello everyone,, TOY HUNT this week is Toy with numbers... and  this is Braiden's apple Toy which he received for Christmas 2 years ago... and he is sharing this one with Bianca...

Here are the coming themes:

March 7    :    Yellow Toy/s
March 14  :   Wild Animal Toy/s
March 21  :   Any Disney Character Toy/s
March 28 :  Toy/s with wings

Keep on hunting everyone and enjoy!!!!! see details here to join

Have a good weekend !!!!

Bianca's Birthday celebration


Bonding Time

mommy moments
Mommy Chris Mommy Moments....

These are our Bonding Time ......
We spent most of our time with the Children....
For those who knew us ,, they would say that we are always out and about family....

Every week , my hubby and I take the kids out anywhere,, we just dont sit in the house and do nothing,, even if we just take them for a drive ,, dine out or have a wonderful holiday ,, we just love spending time with them!!!!!

2008 had been such a good year for us....
some of the activities we've done..

Holiday at Hamilton Island...
taking the kids on a sailboat
snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
Helicopter ride to see the reef,, (2007)

Weekend at Port Macqurie, steam train ride
took the kids to beaches
Disney on Ice
Flower show in Canberra
Taronga Zoo
Ice Skating
Took them to the snow
Wild life
Eating out
Rock Climbing
Wiggles concert
Dorralong Valley resort
Thomas the tank trains
Sydney Aquarium
Australia Zoo
the list goes on and on and on...... why do we do it????
My husband work so hard and he believes that he need to spend time with his family after work,, taking us out and giving us all the love and the best..... and I admire him for that!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doll house for Bianca

This is my entry for Pink Fridays...

Lil Princess Bianca celebrated her 4th birthday last Saturday and this is what she received.
Daddy Joe thought that this doll house would be a perfect gift for her,,, he always see Bianca doing a pretend play ,, she would be sitting in a corner with all her bags and dollies and talking... so dad thought that this doll house is perefect for her.. at first I was hesitant to give in because I told him that it is too big and will take up yoo much space in her room,., but now I can see how happy Bianca is and she is enjoying it...So it means that this would be the start of Barbie collection.....
It is a really cute house,, it comes with a lift/ elevator  and some other furniture...

and of course the barbie to go in the house...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Girl

Bianca's Birthday was last February 21 and she turned 4..
It was exciting because she had 3 cakes....  

Her 1st celebration was in her preschool. She was really happy to spend her birthday with all her friends and classmates....
So Friday when I dropped her off to pre school ,,she was bubbly and was telling everyone that she will have a cake for afternoon tea..
This was taken at Joe's grand parents house,, saturday we went to visit Nonna and Pop (great grandparents) for a morning snack,, some of her cousins were there to celebrate with her.

Later that evening we went out for dinner in a Pizza place near our house,, then aftewards we went back home for a cake... Uncle Sam and Auntie Monique came over with the kids and Tita Aleli and kids... 

Happy Birthday to my Little Princess Bianca......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Wardrobe

It's been awhile since I posted my organising stuff....  I 've been feeling slack lately....  I might say that I am pre occupied with Braiden when he started Kindergarten  4 weeks ago,, and I still haven't posted his pictures yet..... bad bad bad..... I've been procastinating.... I need to visit and read more organizing stuff,, to keep my blood flowing......... get off my bum and start tackling again  ,, stuff before they accumulate ever further...

Let me start with wardrobe... Few months ago I organized my wardrobe and it was perfect for me!!!! Check out here what I did  Wardrobe clean up and to keep updated ,, it is still a bit organized...  

so I 'm still on the right track ,, but Autumn is coming and soon I will change my wardrobe again ,, so bulky winter clothes will be out of my storage bag again   and I need to fix the space  to fit them all... So ,, I m not really looking forward to  it... Im quite happy with my summer clothes as of now....
So here are some stuff to share ... 
I've been reading and bloghopping to get some more inspiration ..

Organising Your Space
*Set the scene
*Make sure your wardrobe is cool and dark – warmth encourages mildew, while sunlight can fade clothes.

*Keep it airy
*Don't overstuff your clothes – good air circulation means less chance of mustiness. If you don't have enough hanging space, only hang clothes for that season and store clean out-of-season items in suitcases.

*Hanging space
*Long dresses and coats need 1.4–1.6m; jackets and shirts need 850mm; and the wardrobe needs to be 600mm deep to accommodate clothes hung on a rail.

*Height restrictions
*Shelves in your wardrobe shouldn't be higher than 1.8–2m if you're going to use them regularly.

*Hanging and Folding

*Always hang clothes with zippers closed, buttons done up and pockets empty – this keeps garments in the right shape and leaves less chance for snags from other hangers.

*Hang like with like – not only does this make it easy to find everything, it also helps you spot gaps in your collection

*Wooden hangers are excellent for items that keep their shape (think cotton shirts), while padded hangers are ideal for anything that loses its shape when hung – they also soften the edges for more fragile items. Better still, fold these and put away in a drawer, or on a shelf.

*Wire hangers look mean but work perfectly well with more durable clothes – just don't hang anything wet on them or you risk rust marks.

*Skirts benefit from a hanger with clips, which allows them to keep their shape.
Don't fold trousers. They need to be hung with clips in your wardrobe – either by their hems or the waistband, with the centrefold on each leg facing out.

*Most of your folded items might go in a chest of drawers, but either way, a good rule to follow is to store from smaller items down to larger.

Shoes and Handbags
*Try to keep shoes off the floor. Storing them in their boxes is a great idea – they won't gather dust and are easily stacked. Pin a photograph of the shoes to their box so you can find them easily. Or put them in plastic boxes so you can see them – but throw in some of those little sachets of desiccant silica gel, as plastic doesn't breathe. Shoetrees are good for helping shoes keep their shape, or try inexpensive hanging canvas pockets.

*If you're storing handbags that you won't use for a while, first give them a thorough clean – empty every nook and cranny, vacuuming out the debris at the bottom, and wiping the exterior with a barely damp cloth. If the bag is leather, use a leather conditioner and ensure teh bag is completely dry before you store it. Then stuff it with acid-free tissue to keep its shape, and put it in a cloth bag. Place on the top shelf of the wardrobe, or in boxes like your shoes!
Source  Marie Claire magazine 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Toy/s with Numbers)

Hello TOY HUNTERS,,,,, Its a special Saturday today because it's Bianca's 4th Birthday!!!!!
I just quickly took a snap of these toys this morning ... rushing because I have some stuff to do for my lil girl's birthday..
I will also post her very special gift/ toy that she received for her birthday...

Well,, lets go back to TOY HUNT... Our theme for this week is Toy/s with numbers..

This is Little People Preschool , you must have noticed that I've been posting Little people most of the time,, because my kids have heaps of them,,, or I should say I like buying it for them.. Just find it educational and fun..

This is Elmo talking phone... this is a baby toy but Bianca still love playing with this.. 

Come and join us.. see TOY HUNT details here

Thursday, February 19, 2009


My entry for Skywatch Friday is this person sky diving on a Gloomy Day!!!

Not even a sight of a blue sky... only dark heavy clouds.....  wonder what the skydiver is feeling at that moment...
Waaaa!!!!!!! what a miserable day to jump!!!!!


mommy moments>

Mommy Moments by Mommy Chris theme for this week is Feeding Time...

So here is my boy Braiden who really loves his food...  glorious FOOD...
Taken when he was around 7 months old while eating his fave chocolate custard...

And here is his latest pic while eating a Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!
I say that he is such a good eater ,, he loves pasta, rice,Mcdonalds (of course) chocolate and pizza...   he also eats lettuce and beans and lately he tried cucumber and he liked it...
Basically he is a Happy eater and can outdo his dad when it comes to pizza and pasta... Must be the Italian in him....

My 1st DigiScrap

This is my 1st attempt to do a Digi Scrap...
I just tried it , since I  purchased a Photoshop CS4 I told to myself why not try it..
Of course my first model is my Lil princess Bianca..
Since it's her Birthday on Saturday  February 21 and she is turning 4....

Delicious Design by Carrie Stephens  found at ShabbyPrincess

Monday, February 16, 2009

Photoshop CS4

Just trying out some effects,,,  just purchased a Photoshop CS4 .. 1st time to use it..
JenL is also helping me  with some effects....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love letters from Kids

Mommy Moments by  Mommy Chris..... The theme is Love letter..
I only have these Preschool compilation or scrapbook of their  Arts and Crafts that they did the whole year....    

After the year is finished the teachers compile all the stuff and  it look good, the kids enjoy looking at their work and really proud of it..  

The 1st pic is made by Braiden  and the 2nd is from Bianca....

So have a good day everyone and check out Mommy Moments for some more love letters...

Friday, February 13, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Toy/s that shows Love with hearts or words with Love)

HAPPY VALENTINES day everyone!!!! TOY HUNT again and I am so excited to see TOY HUNTER's posts....

This is Bianca's little petshop Monkeys ,, A boy and a Girl who I think looks cute together,, depicting Love for each other... Uyyy ,, Monkey Love!!!!!
And as I was out shopping,,, heaps of stuffed TOYS are for sale this V Day... So I just took a snap of them.....  Love these Bears!!!!!!

Come and join us here in TOY HUNT and see the details... Enjoy!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skywatch Friday

This is my first SkyWatch Friday  entry...

Last Weekend while it was a scorching 43 C heat in our suburb, we went on a weekend away in hotel near the airport ,,  after checking out we headed to the Sydney domestic airport to pick my brother in law who lives from a different state..

On our way , my hubby said to the kids to look up and see the sky..... Owww,,,, an airplane  writing in the sky.... it was an advertisement for Lipton Tea... its been a while since I last saw a sky writing,, probably 2 years ago ,, so I quickly grabbed the cam ,, while inside the car , (my hubby the driver, told me to hurry up before the writings fade...

My eldest daughter took this one...

I took this one and the car windshield made the other half a bit darker..
what a cool way to advertise,, I was even looking for an Ice tea at the airport so quench my thirst........
See more entry at SkyWatch

Note::  A special prayer to all Bushfire victims of Victoria Australia...... and some more bush fire are still going on......

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ruby Shoes

My Ruby Tuesday for this week is the Heart shaped embelishment on Bianca' shoes....
 Last week I took my youngest daughter Shoe shopping , since Target is having a Clearance sale for their Summer Shoe,, I just let my lil Princess choose what ever she likes...
I thought she would grab the Pink Dora sandals ,, but she wanted the red shoes with a sparkly love heart... fair enough,,, I said,,
I was also thinking to myself that this would be a great post for Ruby Tuesday.... Got this half price...  !!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bianca can swim now

Yippe.. Bianca can swim now.. last Saturday , we went on a weekend away at Novotel Brighton Le Sands,, but I knew we are going for a swim , but I forgot to bring her Wahu body floaties.. Well, I know that Joe will just hold on to Bianca...
Bianca was eager to swim juts like her brother Braiden, she attempted to paddle by herself.. and as we cheered her , she gained more confidence to swim.... She was happy ,,, It was really nice seeing her muster a courage to try and swim...
I never take her to swimming lessons, I just thought that she is not yet ready for it.. We just take the kids out for a swim most of the summer..

This was taken last month January 2009 , when we went on holiday at Marrochydore, we stayed at Novotel Twin waters, she was still wearing her pink floaties...
And this is my Brave lil Missy!!!!!! we are so proud of her!!!!
She is just like Braiden who learned how to swim last year by himself,, now Braiden is confident boy who loves to dive, back flip and turn under water...

To see more pics on our weekend away click on my Aussietalks and take a peek

Friday, February 6, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Teddy Bear Toy/s)

This week's Theme for TOY HUNT is Teddy Bear....
Join our Toy Hunt and see details here...

This is Bianca's Teddy bear which she received last Christmas.
The bear's name is TJBeary from Playskool  
what I like about this,  is reads a story and moves his mouth and hands,, It comes with a book so children can follow what TJ is saying.
It is battery operated and there is a cartridge holder at the back. play button, music button and activity .. But the other night before Bianca went to bed I gave it to her , and told her that TJ bear will read a story for her,, after awhile she came down and I put her back to bed and she asked me to bring TJ downstairs , she was scared... cant blame her,,, 
According to Wikipedia The name Teddy Bear comes from the November 1902 American President Theodore Roosevelt's hunting trip to Mississippi, to which he was invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino. There were several other hunters competing, and most of them had already shot something. A suite of Roosevelt's attendants, led by Holt Collier,[1] cornered, clubbed, and tied to a willow tree an American Black Bear after a long exhausting chase with hounds. They called Roosevelt to the site and suggested that he should shoot it. He refused to shoot the bear himself, deeming this unsportsmanlike,[2] but instructed that the bear be killed to put it out of its misery, and it became the topic of a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.[3] While the initial cartoon of an adult black bear lassoed by a white handler and a disgusted Roosevelt had symbolic overtones, later issues of that and other Berryman cartoons made the bear smaller and cuter.[4]

Enjoy everyone and keep on visiting our Toy Hunters

Pink Bike

This is my entry for Pink Fridays

This is what Santa gave to Bianca for last Christmas ,, her very own adorable Pink Bike