Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toy HUNT (Toy/s with Wheels)

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!
I am wishing you all the BEST ...

 Let as start this 2009 with a Toy /s with wheels for TOY HUNT...

These are my children's New Bicycle that SANTA Claus gave them!!!!!
They were excited to ride on it ,, especially Bianca who put down on her list that she wanted a PINK BIKE and sure is.... A beautiful Pink bike for her. I also like Braidens bike with a eye catching orange and yellow colored bike it is a Bambino bike...

Come and join the TOY HUNT and check the details here...


  1. First! for toy hunt 2009:) I love Bianca's bike Ms. Joy! Great gifts. Every kid should have their bike moment.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Aw! Very dainty bike for Bianca! It fits her well.

    Santa's really generous in your part of the world huh? Hehehe!

    I'm sure they'll have a blast. :D

  3. I have never learned to play the bike. Good thing your kids can start now. I am back hunting toys!

    By the way, I already got your gift from Jen.. thanks so much, Ms. Joy! Super thank you talaga. Mwah!


  4. Bikes for Christmas and the kids can ride them outside right away - how terrific is that! Here a bike would have to be put away until Spring - pretty useless in all our snow.
    Wishing you lots of "Toy" fun in 2009!

  5. after months of absence at toy hunt, am back dearie!!!! :) i hope my daughter's toy with wheels counts! hahaha

  6. wow we have the same post =) they wished for bikes too, but santa cant afford to buy two so santa requested it from their friends. Hehehhe =)

  7. mine is up! Sorry a bit late...

    Happpy new Year everyone!

  8. Finally made it this week, though a bit late. Starting this week, I'll be doing the hunt on my e-Pamilya site.

    btw Joy, I also have an award for you here