Monday, January 19, 2009

Start a Good year.

New Year and starts when you are over the Christmas hype and excitement , then reality strikes back in....
 Christmas is over, and as some of us are looking at the new bills and credit card statements, that makes your head dizzy!!!! The warm fuzzy feeling you got from giving the gifts is over!!!!

But don't let this situation spoil the start of your year. Instead, take charge of your finances, get your credit card bill down and make sure you're not in the same sad situation at this time next year. 
Juts like us ,, my hubby and I have one credit card and he carry it, I don't have a card and I don't need it... We just want to mange our bills and not to overspend by using the credit card.
Find more ways of saving ,, one way is to find a cheap car insurance,  find a good deal on other insurance that you need to pay..

Although, it is a big relief that he petrol prices had gone down , we still need to be more vigilant with our expenses,   start at home and find ways to save your electric, water bills,, there are heaps of information and tips to find and research ,, just take control of your life by Taking control of your expenses...  Have a goo 2009 everyone...


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  3. That is really a sure way to take hold of your life.. take control of your expenses.. i did that badly huhu

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