Friday, January 23, 2009

Quiet at Home

It's been unusually quiet at home...  Why???  my eldest daughter is at camp at Teen Ranch.. 
Teen Ranch exists to introduce young people to Jesus Christ through an affordable, enjoyable, educational, and safe camp experience provided by a community of caring, growing Christians... 
What a best place for teens to spend their holiday and be with their friends , she attended the camp 3 times now... that is why it is not new to her ,,, my hubby and I thought it will be good for her because the last time she came back home she was a totally different girl!!!
 A good girl for 1 week,, ha ha ha....  She is not worse,, but you know how teenagers are.. 
I dropped her to camp last Sunday and she will be back home tomorrow. 

 I was saying it is quiet at home because no one is bugging me about phone calls, mobile, internet, My Space, bebo, ipod, friends, buy me this , buy me that!!! and so on and so on... 
It was just a a Good break for me!!!! keep me sane for a while !!!
 But once she's back ,, she will be on another camp at school for 4 days then back to school again....

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  1. aba at nasa teen ranch ulit si dalaga.. ayun n ayung unan nya .. naalala ko last time naiwan nya we had to go back sa house to get it and bring it to her again..

    d bagay sa kanya ang straight hair.. mas magana ung kulot