Friday, January 23, 2009

My Pink Princess

My Pink Friday for this week is this precious Photo of my little Princess Bianca wearing her new Pink dress while playing with her Pink Nintendo DS. She is very occupied with the game that is why she did not have a time to pose for me,,usually when she see me holding a camera she would always say take a picture of me mom!!! then she will have a cheeky smile!!!


  1. Your daughter looks so pretty! Look at those rosey cheeks!

    I will add you to my links if you don't mind at and my happiness haven I hope you add mine too. Thanks in advance!


  2. Joy! She's is so pretty in pink! Parang naka-make up o! I can't wait to see her face in Manila billboards. Artistahing-artistahin. :D

  3. wow! your little angel is so pretty like her mom, ang gandang bata.

  4. you daughter looks sooo adorable and very beautiful. Love her dress.

    I played too

    Happy Monday.

  5. Your daughter is so pretty with all the pinkness in her. I am sure you are proud of her.

    By the way, Pink Fridays is already up at

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