Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting ready to school

Holiday is over and some kids are back to school ,, New School year starts this week for us in Australia. 
Our boy Braiden is starting Kindergarten tomorrow!!!  For Joe and I it is a very exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking experience ... Our precious little Boy is starting school!!!! 
Yesterday we went to the school to buy a school uniform for him ,, and he had a little meltdown , because he didnt like the hat that we bought for him,, (The one that dad is wearing on he pic!!!) or we are thinking that it is overwhelming for him.
For those who are wondrin what am I talking about and  wants to know more about Braiden read HIS STORY here.. 
or read what Joe wrote about him Beautiful, beautiful Boy
His routine has changed ,, he stopped going to pres chool and Mum and Dad are talking about BIG SCHOOL,, but he have a little understanding of Big school.. Slowly we are telling him about big school , getting him ready and we would drive to show him the school,, we also took him to meet the principal and tour the school...

Buying him new school shoes is not fun for him... he just wants his old shoes the one that he wears all the time....we did not even buy him a new school bag,, he will just use his Spider man bag,, well ,,, that would be his "security blanket" ..

About the school ,, it was a long process for us to find a good school for him,,, we even enrolled him to 2 other schools , 1st was the school where Micah goes to , a private school,,, then a Special school  where he attended 2 orientation already... 

But.. good news came right before the end of the year ,, when the Dept of Education , gave him a spot into a new school ,, a school with a Special Class that caters to his needs , we decided that this is the best for him...  only 6 kids and 2 teachers ... what more can we ask??  

We always say we want the BEST for him ... !!! an environment that will cater for him and to grow and learn... 

He had come so FAR!!!! The words are coming out and sometimes he wont stop talking... he is very affectionate and he loves being with people who care for him...

I once met a lady who told me that life experience and exposing him to all the things that interest him will be beneficial... That is why we travel all the time,,going on holidays,, visiting museums, parks, aquariums, playing golf, bowling, swimming , eating out,, everywhere and the more he is expose to it the more he turns out to be good!!!  
It was a 360 degree turn,, and for me the changes are inevitable.. It s good to see him learn  and doing  things that amazes us,, sometimes we are thinking if his diagnosis is right... or he is one of those statistic that was "cured"..  He is not an angel.. he would have little bit of tantrums  , but only  minimal ,, just any ordinary kid.... 

But..We dont want the label !!! because we know in our hearts that he doesnt fit in that label .. He is just BRAIDEN, the boy with a beautiful smile and a loving heart....

No matter what it is,, I know the LOVE that we have for him is overflowing and sufficient enough for him to blossom ...

Life is good !!! and having a husband like Joe who really adores , understanding and patient with Braiden is Amazing...
This is my  man and my li'l man... The Love of my LIFE!!!!


  1. Wow! Good job, Mom Joy and Dad Joe! This post is heartwarming, Joy. I wish and pray for Braiden's success in school and in life. *Hugs* to him from me!

    By the way, thanks for the support. Yeah, ako din, surprised to know from hubby that voting is over. Please help me pray that I will win. :D

    Thanks and good day!

  2. Good for Braiden, Joy! He has a perfect family and now, a perfect school.

    And if you have time after the changes, maybe you could play along here: