Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Bags

As my kids are growing up and they are up and about, whenever we go out I would  only bring a small bag for them just to put teir drink bottles,  their DS games, colouring books and handwipes, No more bulky stuff to bring and no more diapers to bring, not like when they were durig their infant and toddler years that I have to bring a Diaper Bag. Nowadays, there are Messenger bags that are so trendy, that I sometimes cant resist to look at .... 
Rememer that I just bought a Tracy Joy messenger bag which I used for my camera which is also a baby bag ...I found a bag that looks the same as my bag  .

This is such an eye catching messenger diaper bag design by Oi Oi, the Australian makers of one of the most popular diaper bag lines on the market. Very Chic!
Oi Oi bag is popular here in Oz  and I've noticed that most of the moms are carrying Oi Oi,not during my  time when I was just carrying a black boring baby bag.. !!!

I also looked at the Hoohobbers - Personalized Messenger Diaper Bag in Paisley. This one is so cute because you can personalize it and have an embroidered. Very chic and I just love the style of it.

Another Hoohobbers Diaper Bag - Messenger (Cocoa Orange) -This one looks durable  and have tons of storage . Fabulous as I look at it...

You can find more styles and design on Shop Wiki for babies and Toddlers For sure you will also love browsing through all the beautiful messenger bags....

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  1. I love the bags, I like the colors and style. I will try my best to take a picture of my kids toys and join toy hunt.