Saturday, November 29, 2008

Smokey Eye makeup

Remember my last post about trying to be glamorous  for a day??? yeah it was here/ Glamorous ..
I was raving about my Smokey eye look...
Actually when I went to buy Napoleon Perdis make up I had a demo on how to achieve a Smokey eye.. The lady that taught me  how to do it was so good and it came out really well.. but when I went home to try it myslef I forgot the steps on how to do it , so I check out this video..
I like Michelle Phan ,, I love watching all her you tube vids and she is one amazing lady , very pretty and charming!!!
Enjoy this video and you will be hooked on her .... and when I go to work I put on a basic smokey eye makeup  ,, sometimes just a simple makeup, depending on my mood..

BTW  I Love Napoleon Perdis make up!!!!!! I'll post it next time ....

Toy HUNT ( Toy/s that talk/s)

My entry for Toys that talk.. 
This is Braiden's Leapster .This one is suitable for ages 4-10.. We always take it with us especially on a long drive keep them occupied and very good for going out for  dinner , while waiting they have something to do .... He is good with this .. now he using Micah's Nindento DS it is more challenging , so he might get one from Santa....
It is a good toy  I recommend it.. They also released the new Leapster Pad  ..already available
Build essential school skills with the learn-everywhere Leapster handheld. Children become so engaged in the interactive learning games, you’ll want them to keep playing—because the more they play, the more they learn.

This is A Leapster TV which is compatible with the leapster cartridge,, so when the kids want to play on TV they just use the Leapster TV..
The Leapster TV™ Learning Game System brings Leapster and Leapster L-Max games to life on your TV. With a library of over 40 software games, players interact with their favorite animated characters. Action-packed games inspire a love of learning and reward problem solving. Includes Dora the Explorer PiƱata Party! educational game.

I also posted Bianca's 1st Leap pad here .. Leap pad
For those who wants to join the TOY HUNT see the details here Join TOY HUNT

Happy weekend everyone .. Please leave your name and URL if you are joining the TOY HUT only!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Birthday pics

My simple Birthday ....
Thank you for all those who greeted me ....

My family and they are so precious to me...

Birthday Gift????  Hummm,, Still not here ,, just placed an order for it.... Well,, it will turn out to be a Christmas gift instead!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Decor

It's the time of the year... 1 month before Christmas and I've already decorated my Christmas Tree..see it here My Christmas Room...
 I always do it on or before my birthday... It's my Birthday ... Its my Birthday Today!!!!!
No big fuss about it ,, just had a lunch with my hubby then a small cake at home for the kids to enjoy... 
What I am excited about is the coming theme for our TOY HUNT....
My house is all decorated and my kids are all happy and delighted to see the brightly colored decor and fun things that is associated with the Christmas season... Some of you are already finished and some are just starting to decorate,, but hey Christmas is just around the corner...So start it now... 
So to get into the mood the themes  for Toy Hunt are:

December 6   :   Christmas TOY or a any kind of decoration
December 13 :   More Christmas TOY or decoration!!!
December 20 : Take a photo of a favorite TOY under the Christmas Tree
December 27:   Post a TOY that was received on Christmas..

Enjoy TOY HUNTING  everyone and start taking pictures!!!!!!!  Cant wait to see your Pictures !!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a relief..

It was a slight relief to know that Petrol Prices had gone down less 3o cents from the previous months and they are saying that petrol prices is heading to a $ 1 a litre,, and it is a good news for all motorist...
I  often use my docket to get the 4cents a liter discount and it makes a difference if I fill my tank up.. Now that I go to work 3 times a week and I travel 35 kms and takes me around 30-40 minutes to work I often fill up my tank every week, so more expenses for our budget... My husband travels the same way but he's car runs on diesel... Now we are talking about car expenses, that reminds to check out and find a cheap auto insurance  Finding ways for me to compare prices and getting the best deal... There is also a site to visit to find a cheap insurance... Thats a good way to save...

Toy HUNT ( Multicolored toy/s),,

Hello everyone,, Its Toy Hunt week again....
You are probably getting busy organizing the most awaited event of the year Christmas Holiday!!

Today, we are going to put our christmas decors ,, and for sure it will be FUN !!!  well I was just thinking of dragging probably 20 boxes out of my shed!!!! Thats  a lot!!!!! 

So to be in a Christmas mood I am announcing that the 4 Saturdays of December we are going to feature Christmas TOYS or anything associated with the season!!!!!!!  I will post the theme next time .....For sure it will becolorful and exciting so hang on there guys....

 Talking about colorful or multicolored ,, this is the heme for this weeks TOY HUNT...

This is my son's toy. It is a Fisher Price's train where you can put the see through blocks , it 's battery operated and can move by itself ...
This was his baby toy and my daughter Bianca used to play with this too.. Then I gave it to my neighbor for her baby.. She's outgrown it already so she gave it back to me!! all the baby toys.. now I have 2 boxes of baby toys in my garage.... That is why  I am looking  for a home for the baby toys ....

 I'm taking a pic of the toys so my kids will have a remembrance of their toys before I gave them away......

Happy Weekend everyone and keep safe!!!

To join the TOY HUNT check this site  How to Join...
Post your toys and then link it here....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Decor

Inflatable Christmas decors..
I like the Nutcracker...
They are bigger than Bianca....

Last weekend after going out for lunch... Check that on my other site .. Weekend Lunch  
We decided to take the kids to a Christmas Warehouse...
I love looking at Christmas stuff  although I've got heaps of them already ,, My house looks like a Christmas shop ,,, I like to  look at some more  stuff,,, What I like are the big statues.. especially the nut cracker ... I've already got a Reindeer ,, but maybe after Christmas when it is 75% off... ha ha ha..
 the downside is where to place he stuff after the Holiday season ... my shed is half full of Christmas decors.......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Australia the Movie

I will have a date with my hubby to watch this on November 26...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wardrobe Clean Up

A few weeks ago I embarked into a Wardrobe Clean Up.. Since its Spring Time here already in Oz... I cant wait to put away those bulky sweaters that was invading our wardrobes... I started with my wardrobe check it here MY WARDROBE... and then I slowly started doing the kids room...
Since the kids grow quickly and every season they have to change their outfits, 
I patiently assorted the clothes that needs to be given away, toss, or to be kept for next year... This is Bianca's clothes ,,
 So I put the clothes the needs to go in a charity in the black plastic bag
I've also got a separate plastic bag to hold the clothes that needs to be handed down to  my friend's child 
Then clothes that are rip or heavily stained that needs to be thrown away.. actually what I do is if it is cotton I keep it and use it as a rug at home to wipe the car or anything in the house,, I also like the flannelet pyjamas because its good for dusting....

Then clothes that she can still wear next year I placed them in a Space bags where I vacuumed the air out to make it smaller so it will be easier to put away,, it deters moisture, dust and dirt so its very convenient to use...aside from  maximising the space....

I like this plastic storage that I am using for Biancas clothes ...
I placed a label and they are neatly placed inside ...

Friday, November 14, 2008

TOY HUNT ( Red Toy/s)

You would probably notice that I am posting another SPIDERMAN.... 
Yes.... my boy loves SPIDERMAN... From wearing Spiddy undies to shoes, bag, hats name it he's got it!!!!! 
He watches Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 probably a hundredth times already!!!! and he can say the dialogues of the movie..... 

So this week's Red TOY  is the SPIDERSAPIEN..... We gave this one to him as a Christmas present last year...  

It's a remote control toy that talks, walks,dances , pick up stuff, burps and twirl around... such a cool toy for a good boy!!!!!
You are all invited to join TOY HUNT check the details here How to Join 

Ready for a Big Bed....

Is it time yet for your child to move from the cot to bed??? It is a milestone for kids to move to a big bed....
But it will be such a breeze if the parents and the child are ready for the move???

 My Bianca just moved from a cot to a big girls' bed... 1st of all her cot is what you call convertible,, we converted it to a day bed and that is where she was sleeping before...  although it is a day bed it was too small for her already ,, at night time I can see her on the edge of the bed and just a few inches more and she'll be off the the bed...

One thing I've learned about the transition to a big bed is to have the child ready and give a child a motivation  to move by talking about it beforehand..

INVOLVE your child in the process as much as possible.. 
Let your child help you to choose their own bed, bed sheets,  or a new toy for the bed...
And that is exactly what we did for Bianca... We told her that she is too big for her bed and we are gonna get her a nice big bed .. One weekend we took her to the Shops and we looked around for a bed for her,,, She was so excited trying out the beds and looking at all the colorful bedding's...
She was saying "I'm a Big Girl now!"

I'll post her new bed next time and find out why she loves to sleep in her new big bed ....  Want to see her old bed check my old post here .. Cleaning UP the rooms
Till next time... 
If you are having a problems with your child sleeping on his own bed ;; I will share some good TIPS  ... I solved My Boy's   sleeping problem and he is now sleeping on his bed by himself!!!!         HORRAY!!!!      I'll post it next time!!!! so make sure to check my site.. I promise it will be a good TIP.......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Join JenL's b-day contest

Don't forget to join my sis JenL's mini b-day contest starts Nov. 3 end on Nov. 30, 2008.
Lots of prizes awaits you.

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So what are you waiting ??? Check her site and read the all the details here JennyTalks

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharks.. Braiden's new obsession

MOM.... Can we take this one home?????

And that one too????

and all of them??????

No SON!!!!!!  we've already got an eel at home... It wont fit in our Aquarium...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Have to call a Pest Control..

Last night ;Joe's uncle and Auntie were here on our place for a visit, we were having  good night chatting and having coffee and a cake .
When they were about to leave; we heard noises upstairs and the kids were excited and scared at the sametime,, running down ,, telling us that there is a big Spider on our bedroom door…. 
Ohhh geezzz…Please  stop making noises children!!!! While the adults are telling kids to keep quiet; we were thinking it might just be a tiny spider..  the kids urged us  to check it because its huge…
And true enough as we ran upstairs we were greeted by Big Huntsman Spider….

My Auntie who is an animal lover who worked for RSPCA and a greenie ; told my hubby and I to get a broom, paper and a big Tupperware container… WHAT???? Hummm,,, I ran downstairs and as I was trying to grab all the stuff,,, the 1st thing that I grabbed was the BUG SPRAY to kill that scary spider… But she said no ,, we don’t have to kill them but just capture it and take it back outside because she informed us that  Huntsman spiders are not regarded as dangerous, and can be considered beneficial because they feed on insects and it will help with the environment…

Ngeekkkk… so my hubby and I just let them capture the spider.. We’re too scared to do it!!!

Well.. I guess I need to have my house inspected by a pest control ..My Auntie suggested that we should have a green approach ,, there are some companies who can provide a green approach to pest control .. The one that use a gentle nature product ..t we can even stay at home while the pest amnagement teams do their job.. So that’s is a good way to treat the environment , the one that has no odor no fumes and safe to for children and pets.. which uses the best, highest quality products available in the pest control industry.. 
So I have to make a call for an appointemnet I remember that we also have wasps in the backyard … I have to think of my family  and our environment’s safety.. I don't want anymore BIG surprises crawling around our house.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toy Hunt ( Toy/s with legs)

Meet the Super Hero Superman and Spiderman 2 of Braidens favorite Superheros...

The Superman talks and says.   " I'm Superman...up up an away!"
While Spiderman is  Braidens ultimate fav... there is a control at the back and it kicks it's legs and do a punching move... Cool for boys!!!!!

Come and join us in TOY HUNT  see details here

Friday, November 7, 2008

Toy Give aways

SweetyTot is having a contest and she is giving away toys.. so come and check it out...
Young Minds is a toy brand that sells wonderful educational toys that is best for toddlers and tweens alike.

Look at the wide array of toys that your children would surely love and enjoy!
With our educational toys, your children would surely develop their mental
and intellectual skills faster

These toys are perfect for your kids, "ina-anaks" and your "apos"!

Toys sold are made from wood which makes it more durable compared to plastic ones.
So head on to Come and Play, to browse and look for other toy treasures. Their toys are educational, beautiful and most of all sturdy enough to take the gruelling play practice of toddlers.
Good LUck!!!!!

Disney Princess- My Bianca loves them..

A Princess for my Princess!!!!

Yes my Li'l Princess Bianca loves anything with princess,, The commercialism of all the PRINCESS stuff is absolutely overwhelming,,, from undies, hair ties, clothes, slippers and even just a simple sticker,,, and mind you they're everywhere; but they are really cute girly stuff and sometimes its hard to resist to give in ... to a young big eyed girl begging for a Princess...

I remember during my growing up years when I used to watch Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and they are still around,, They are TIMELESS .... every generation enjoyed the Disney Princess characters and I must say little  girls just absolutely adore them...

SAHM-one speaks

Do you find blogging a good diversion whenever you feel the need to let things out in any way that you just can’t tell your betterhalf/friends?

Hummm,, in some ways it is a good diversion,,,  
But,,, I guess,, it's far more better to share my thoughts to my husband,, as you know we are very open to each other and we never keep a secret .. well,, thats is far as I know  ha ha ha.. 
Especially with my hubby Joe which we can talk anything under the sun,, well,,, I consider Joe to be a well versed, knowledgeable person and whenever I am in doubt I ask and confide with him,, and he usually  comes up with a good notion ,, so I can say blogging is good to share your thought and emotions but to keep a good relationship with your friends, partner and friends,,, a good conversation is still ideal...

You can us SAHM one speaks by MITCH ...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Melbourne Cup 2008-- Tried to be Glamorous...

Mommy JoyD took a break from a normal day to day clothes to a more glamorous get up!!!!

Yes,, just for a day I was able to dressed up nicely with a matching beautiful fascinator and applied a smokey eyed look .... How's that!!! 
Yesterday my Hubby and I went to Darling Harbour to attend a companys luncheon for the Melbourne Cup carnival..
All the ladies and gentlemen were all dressed up nicely and drinking champagne, wine, cocktails or beer..
As for me I had a nice meal and a glass of white wine- a glass  is enough for me because I don't want to end up wasted and loud... 
I still have motherly duties to attend to when I get home...
Although  my hubby and I didnt win on our bet; we still had a good time.. just being together .. On our way home I had a little nap-- humm must be that glass of Chardonnay... 

Picked the kids up from pre school .. My boy was exteremly happy when he saw us all dressed up .. He was saying "Daddy you're nice" and "Mommy its beautiful!!" while he was  trying to rip my fascinator ..

Got home .. give kids some afternoon treats , changed clothes, removed the smokey eyes make up.. changed to a daggy clothes  (as what my hubby said) prepared dinner for kids , bathe them,, played with them and put them to bed.....
 Back to reality folks!!!!

Last year I went out with a friend check out the pics here... Melbourne Cup 2007

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Toy Hunt ( Fluffy/ Stuffed Toys)

This is my TOY HUNT for this week's theme Fluffy/ Stuffed Toy/s ..

This is Braiden's Toys..  He loves to cuddle them before he goes to bed...From left is his Sleepy bear, Dog and White Polar bear which we bought for him when we went to Sea World Australia...
Now its your turn,, Post your toy/s on your blog then make a comment or  leave your name and URL and make sure to visit our TOY HUNTERS!!! 
For those who are interested to join in , Just post your pic then link it back here,, or see the details here   COME and JOIN.. Everyone is invited!!!