Monday, September 29, 2008

My Sky...

What a Beautiful morning it was!!!
It was an awesome display of  clouds that greeted us this morning.. Cant help but take a snap of it,, It was changing rapidly and I was quick enough to capture the beauty,, But strangely ; the weather changed dramatically in the afternoon where we had a gloomy sky and a few scattered shower... Too bad, I was to busy running around and doing some errands to capture the afternoon sky...

Resource for Public Records

Nowadays when we needed to get a loan ,, we are required to submit heaps of documents not only to prove our identities but also to know that we can afford to pay it back.. Getting a home loan or a car loan or simply getting a new credit card means we have to sign legal documents and agreement..And they can do a background check on people..
Humm, that would be interesting.. I  am not aware that you can do that,, there is a company that will give you access to research public records.. You can also do it yourself if you want to know or find out about someone's Courts Records , background check, Divorce Records, Criminal Records and so on.... But that is also beneficial to those who wanted a legitimate check on someone .. I guess I would never do that , simply because there is no need for me to know someone else's record...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Socks.. Socks... and Socks....

You must be wondering what the heck I bought 3 dozens of green socks for????
Well that was my hubby's reaction when we went out shopping,, I was hoarding all the sale items in  the sale basket and getting all these socks... he was telling me stop....!!!! maybe because he was feeling embarassed.. and I ask me what the heck????
Well,, first of all it was just 2 $ per dozen  from 15$ to 2$ not too bad...
Then I find it very convenient to have the same socks,, actually the socks are for my son who goes to preschool ,, ,, 
Do you ever miss a pair of sock and wondering where the other one is??? I often do...
What I do when folding time and I 've got 1 sock I place it in a basket ,,,, and next time when I find the other pair I look in the basket .. That is the "1 pair old sock Basket" as I call it...
But for Braiden I bought these same colored socks ,, so that I wont have a problem looking for the pair ,, they're all the same.. there is no left or right.. very easy and convenient.. 
I don't usually buy them like expensive character socks,,, he 's wearing long pants anyway and you wont see it..
But its getting warmer here now.. so I can still keep the socks and he can still wear it next winter season....  
I think that was a good buy and a good idea......

Car Insurance

We have 2 cars and 1 truck that we use for work,, and every year is is such a headache paying 3 car insurances... The best possible way to do is to look for a cheap car insurance. What we always do is we search and look around for the best insurance; we look online or sometimes we just inquire by phone.. Every year when we need to renew our insurance,, we  evaluate the company and look around fora company who will give us a good quotation..  Especially this time that we need to save more and be practical in life... As you know they all have to be renewed at the same time,, We have to do the car registration, pink slip and the car insurance.. Wheww.... too much stuff to do for me...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cleaning up the rooms

4 weeks ago I posted the messy rooms of my children as my entry for Litratong Pinoy for the theme (Ayaw ko / I reject) on my other site The Way of Life in Oz and I said I have to clean the room first and post the pics of after cleaning up so check the messy rooms here..

And these are the pictures of "After" cleaning up....
I just have to tidy up the toys, vacuum and my kids helped me .. so here is it,,, I just have to redeem my self for posting the messy rooms...
My kids love their bed rooms,, its like a playroom for them too.. They've got heaps of toys and activities to do in there...

They are constantly making a mess but I make sure that they tidy up before they go to sleep.. especially my little girl Bianca who is so eager to help me... She even volunteer to clean up Braiden's mess.. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Loving the Weekend Away!!!

I'm back!!!
We just had a great weekend away with the kids...
And as usual our weekend was so FUN!!!!!!

It was a beautiful 33 C in Sydney... And to keep the kids cool,, they had a great time splashing on the pool....  We took them to Ettalong beach Resort and it was a relaxing , family fun filled activities....  I always say that WE love taking the kids away,, they are really good and they learn heaps when we are away as a family...
we also took the kids to Australian Reptile park to see these reptiles and mammals...
                         A Cuddly Koala
                           A Joey  ( baby Kangaroo)
You can see more pictures on my  The Way of Life in Oz  site....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Organized ( Kitchen #1 Plastic Containers)

I'm so Hyped Up!!!!!!
I've been watching shows about make overs and organizing and visiting some Laura's organizing site and they gave me so much inspiration and motivation to start organizing and cleaning up my clutter..

So I'll be starting some of my make overs on my blog ,, I would like to share it with others , so that they can also find inspiration and start doing things that they are planning for a long time..

So I will start with my 1st organizing task..

The other day I organized my tupperwares and plastic containers..

I opened my top drawer and there it was all stuffed up and sometimes some of them falls out ; and I cannot even close the cup board properly.... 

This is the BEFORE 

I took them all out of the cupboard ,, then took the lid out and placed them all in a big container..
Then nestled the  container n top of each other,,  I did it by shapes,, so big shapes under then nestled in... I've taken out 2 Ice cream containers and some lids without a partner...

Look at the Big difference!!!  Wow!!!  I was quite elated when I saw the  outcome.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Powerhouse Museum

Our Weekend Outing at the  PowerHouse Museum Australia..  Well,, we are out and about again,, Since it was such a beautiful warm Spring day here n Oz ,, taking the kids to the city is such a FUN!!!!! My kids behaved well and they deserve a good treat!!! 

The Powerhouse Museum, Australia's largest and most popular museum, is located in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Its unique and diverse collection of 385,000 objects spans history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport and space exploration.

The Museum has an ever-changing program of exhibitions covering approximately 20,000 square metres (equivalent to three international competition soccer fields). It presents 22 permanent exhibitions and several temporary exhibitions, complemented by more than 250 inter actives.
A visit to the Powerhouse Museum can include touch screen computers, audio phones, science experiments, virtual reality 3D theatres, extraordinary performances, films, highlight tours, fascinating lectures and public programs. The Museum has a range of education services and a members organisation.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nano Chromatic..The new Ipod Nano

New Ipod nano ..!!!
For those about to rock, we give you nine amazing colors. But that’s only part of the story. Feel the curved, all-aluminum and glass design and you won’t want to put iPod nano down.
Find your music faster.
It’s even easier to find the song you want to hear. Now you can view your album art in Cover Flow. Or just press and hold the Center button to browse by album or artist. When you find the right song, press the Center button to add it to your on-the-go playlist.
A musical Genius.
Say you’re listening to a song you really like and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. The Genius feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. It’s like having your own highly intelligent, personal DJ.

Rock and roll over.
Tilt or turn iPod nano on its side, and you’ll listen, watch, and play in new ways. You can flip through your album art with Cover Flow. Or, vertically speaking, see more albums and artists on the screen at one time.

Shake your groove thing.
Sometimes, we could all use a little unpredictability. And now you can shake to shuffle your music. Just give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library. You’ll always be surprised by what you’ll hear.

World’s biggest small screen.
Watching movies, TV shows, and videos is big fun on iPod nano. And the high-resolution picture looks crisp and vivid on the 2-inch widescreen display. So you can always have a little video with you.

Whawww!!! A new Ipod nano.. I just bought an Ipod nano 2 .... Now theres a new Nano.... thats what technology is,, its always changing and updating... I LOVE the new colors!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Father's Day here in Oz

Fathers Day here in Australia!!!!
My kids were quite excited because of their special gifts to Dad.. 
I took a picture of my children ; developed it and placed on a special frame ..
Check my other site Aussietalks 

Sunday, September 7, 2008


It's been raining the whole day last Sunday... What a better way to spend the weekend with the kids is to go on Ten pin Bowling!!! This is another activity that my kids really enjoy. Since we cannot take them outdoors this is great for them because they just absolutely love it,, So we went for a lunch first then told them to behave and be good then we can take them out for bowling... And true enough they were good that is why they were treated to a game of bowling...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mac Games for Micah

My daughter who loves her Ibook so much is nagging me to download Mac games on her Ibook.. That was our Christmas Gift for her last year; since she had been very good in school; their school uses IMac computer and she is quite good in navigating it.. But whenever she needs to download certain file she has to ask permission from me ; she cannot just download Apple games by herslf… Why ??? because I locked her Ibook…. That is what I love about Mac because the new Leopard Operating System has Parental control. We can limit her use of computer, the system that she can use,, and we can restrict certain website that's not appropriate for her and we can view all the site that she had been through... Sometimes before she can open a site my password will be asked,, A real TOTAL PARENTAL CONTROL... It gives us a peace of mind; knowing she will not be able to access restricted sites.

We have to be strict with her whenever she using the net because there are some horrid stories we've heard.. The net is not all good, there are some people who are using it maliciously,, thats why we have to be careful.. But when she asked me to download mac games  I went to the site and checked out some cool Mac games that they offer they have different categories ranging from Action , adventure, cards puzzle, simulation and so much more... and I saw they also have Bejeweled 2,, ohh I love this game!!! So there are heaps of games to choose from,, You can download a demo game,, try it first and then if you like it,, just purchase it,, So I have to look around the site first and we will decide which one she likes.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring Time

Yipee.. Its Spring Time here in Australia!!!!
Meaning its getting a bit warmer and I'm loving it.. The kids can play outside now and big woolen jumpers/ jacket that are bulky are going to be put away soon... No more freezing nights and runny nose..I can see some new shoots that's growing from the trees and flowers... and the store will be decorated with Christmas stufff!!!!
I'll be able to see these beautiful blooming flowers soon!!!
have a Wonderful BER- Ry Months to all.. If there such a greetings like that.. let me be the first to greet you all!!!! ha haha