Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Training Day

My Hubby Joe is training the kids to play golf..... He's got a lot of patience with Braiden,, he usually take him to the golf range and teaching him how to handle a club and hit the ball right... Braiden's got a junior golf clubs and he loves to play with it..
A good therapy for him,, he learns how to take turns and learning simple learning concepts...
Bianca she just want to help and hold on the basket of balls...
This was taken at Dooralong Valley Resort ,, last week when where we spent a long weekend...
its good for the kids because they spent time riding their bikes,,walking around. feeding the farm animals, canoeing and horse back riding...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I like watching Gordon Ramsay

Yes,, I like his Gordon Ramsay's show.. he is brutally honest and entertaining as well... He's got the charisma,, you may either like him or loathe him.. but no matter what he is still the winner,, people still watch his show and if you don't like him turn he TV off..

He was interviewed on 60 minutes Australia and was asked about his swearing and his commnets about using the F word 80 times was...

GORDON RAMSAY: Yeah, well I mean first of all my apologies to any parents, but trust me - in life it doesn't really pay to wrap them up in cotton wool. Um, I don't swear to offend children. I'm a father and I have children of my own. I'm surrounded by children constantly. Put them to bed, be sensible. And if you're not happy with it switch the (Bleep) television over you d..k!

Ha haha,, he's a funny man.. and I like him... he's got the most viewed show here in Oz,, and he is the Talk of the town...
I just find him passionate and dedicated to his work .
For those who doen'st know Gordon Ramsay
He is a British celebrity chef, television personality and entrepreneur. He has been awarded a total of twelve Michelin stars,[1] and as of April 2008 is one of only three chefs in the UK whose restaurant is rated at three Michelin stars. He is famous in the UK for presenting TV programmes about competitive cookery and food such as Hell's Kitchen and The F-Word. He is best known in the United States as the host of FOX's Hell's Kitchen, which premiered in May 2005, and of Kitchen Nightmares, which premiered in September 2007, based on his successful British show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

CELEBRITY chef Gordon Ramsay used the "F" word more than 80 times in less than an hour during his prime-time program on Tuesday night.

Ramsay dropped the F-bomb, and various derivatives, more than 80 times in Channel 9's Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares at 8.30pm on Tuesday.

There were more than 100 expletives in the 45 minutes of TV.

And the issue of bad language is not limited to the commercial networks.

Have you seen his shows and what can you say about it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swimming without vest

Swimming with vest on

Yes my boy can swim now... and it happened just before the end of summer...
We've been out most of the summer swimming on the pool and the beaches....

We had a great time and Braiden love to go swimming ,, that Joe and I decided to try him swim without his vest... and then there he went.... swimming like a puppy dog... we were so excited to see his accomplishment,, and to think that a year ago I was pushing him to go to his swimming lessons.. 
 he used to hate to go swimming lessons..everytime he sees his swimming gear he would run and hide in his room,, and I have to literally drag him to the car and he would scream his head off,, coz he really doesnt want to to for his lesson.. 

I gave up ,, knowing that he will learn when he is ready.. and sure enough,, there he is.. Loving the water!!!! 

Yippee.. he can swim now...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank You Tita Jenny

Thank You Tita Jenny !!!!!!!

We are so delighted to spend the whole Summer with you.. swimming,, eating,, playing, taking lots of pictures , looking after us , washing our clothes, helping our Mum, laughing and giggling with us!!!! 3 months is such a short time for your holiday here..
We are still enjoying

Now that your back in the Philippines we wish you all the best!!!

We will miss you .... but we are going to see you again....

We love you!!!!
  Love  Micah, Braiden and Bianca

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Come and JOIN my TOY HUNT!!!

The past few weeks I was cleaning up my kids' bedroom,, the kids are growing fast and their needs and interest are changing . I was looking at heir toys and some of them are not appropriate to their age anymore.. So that means I have to get rid of it..
As I was gathering the toys and reminiscing their Infant years I thought of taking picture of the toys and make  a compilation of their Pre Loved toys... so when they they grow up they can look  and see what they used to have..
I had an idea of posting the pictures and describing it.. but the idea grew and I thought giving others a chance to share pictures of TOYS , so the TOY Hunt was conceptualized.

I am going to host a TOY HUNT.. every Saturday we will have a theme 
December 6  :       Christmas Toy or Decoration
December 13: More Christmas Toy or Decoration
December 20: Take a photo of favorite TOY under the Christmas Tree
December 27: Post a TOY that was received on Christmas

March 7 :       Yellow Toy/s
March 14 :     Wild Animal Toy/s
March 21 :      Any Disney Character Toy/s
March 28 :     Toy/s with wings

April 4 : GREEN toy/s
April 11 :  SQUARE toy/s
April 18  : RABBIT toy/s
April 25   : Toy/s with SHOES

May 2 : White Toy/s
May 9 : Battery Operated Toy/s
May 16 : Collection of Toy/s
May 23 : Funny/ Silly Toy/s
May 30 : Educational Toy/s

1.   This is open to all,, even if you dont have kids you can still join the Toy Hunt,, you can borrow or take a picture of your family, neighbors , friends and colleuges toys and post it on your blog/s. Original pictures only.. No image should be taken from any website ..

2. Copy the image of Toy Hunt , you can find it on my sidebar and place it on your blog

3. The TOY Hunt will be open every Saturday 12:00 noon Australia Time  (You can See My Time on my sidebar) This is the time that I will post my picture and put the Mr Linky... Take note that I am around 15 hours ahead of USA  so if you're from USA and wants to join in it will still be Monday on your place..  Just keep on checking on MY TIME  ... 
You can post your tag whenever its convenient with you,, just informing you about the time I will post the Mr Linky...

4. I will put a Mister Linky and juts leave your name and URL  .. Please don't forget to comment..

5. Take time to visit others to view to post/s.

6. Play by the rules.. Please no obscene pictures or toy/s to be posted...

7. Have FUN and invite others to join it.. Please help me promote this Meme by posting this on your site ,, It would be greatly appreciated...

8.  Please send notify me if you want your name to be listed  in my list of TOY HUNTERS   ,, but make sure to join in every now and then.

According to WIKIPEDIA
Toys, and play in general, are important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. The young use toys and play to discover their identity, help their bodies grow strong, learn cause and effect, explore relationships, and practice skills they will need as adults. Adults use toys and play to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, remember and reinforce lessons from their youth, discover their identity, exercise their minds and bodies, explore relationships, practice skills, and decorate their living spaces.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Kitchen Helper....

I've got a gorgeous kitchen helper at the moment...  No other than my dear Braiden!!!!
Every time I start making dinner that would be the time that he always require an attention,, because he knows that I am busy,, so to keep him occupied,, I just let him peel the veggies and cut them; even it is not perfectly done,, I doesn't bother me at all just as long as he is enjoying it,, hummm,, I might be grooming a  wannabe Jamie Oliver or  the best chef Gordon Ramsay,, who knows...... 
well,, aside from Braiden ,,Bianca will not be left alone ,, she also has to do something .. so there  you go ,, a good way to boast their achievement is to encourage them to be a part of preparing dinner... 


A year ago after our 1st visit to Hamilton Island and after exploring the place where Nemo lives,,, my hubby decided to set up a Saltwater Tank..

We started setting up live rocks, anemones, corals and then eventually adding saltwater fish and other sea creatures..

Although it needs constant cleaning up and making sure the water temperature and PH balance are all maintained.. Just looking around it,, make us feel relax , seeing them swimming around and hearing the sound of the water..
Today I'll feature our BLUE STARFISH...

Sea stars are commonly referred as Starfish , but they actually are not fish at all but echinoderms. The most intriguing feature of the Starfish is the ability to regenerate their lost arms , Under ideal conditions, the lost arm will turn into a complete starfish.

Each arm has two rows of feet called podia that are used for attachment, locomotion and respiration, the mouth and stomach are located on the underside in the central disc..
Our Blue Starfsh is very mobile and moves around everywhere,, she is such a STAR because she is always sticking on the front,, and showing off,,,,,

Brief characteristic was exerted from saltwater

Monday, April 7, 2008

Girls, Girls

What are Little Girls made of ,, what are little Girls made of
Sugar and Spice and all things Nice,, That's what Girls are made of....

Bianca with her cousins .. she likes to play with them and the girls like to look after her because she is the youngest ... They get along well.. Playing dolls, tea cup set and just jumping on the trampoline.. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Steam Train Ride

Choo choo..... Here comes the train.....

Aside from loving the Thomas the tank engine and his friends,, which my son has a big collection of it.. He loves to ride the real Steam train... That's why we always make it a point to bring him to the steam festival every year...

It's just 45 minutes away from our place ,, The Thirlmire Steam festival...   On the way there,, you  can see people lining up and getting ready to take pictures of the old trains,,, you can see the excitement on their faces,, they are mostly train enthusiast or just ordinary people fascinated with big old trains....

 Braiden always  get excited whenever he sees train tracks.... so when we arrived on the place  seeing the tracks made him jump for joy,, you can smell the steam and and the dust from the coal...  hummm..  the train is alive!!!!

So we took a short trip back and forth and enjoyed the ride... The place is buzzing with people and kids with eyes so happy just to see the train pass by,,,  There was a parade ,, food stalls,, market place and even if the weather is a bit damp... the place was still packed...
It was such a nice day for a train ride....