Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tracy Joy Bag

YESSSS.... My new camera bag  TRACY JOY ,,, this was the parcel hat came in the other day which I ordered online at Tracy Joy.  Actualy it was my sister JenL who told me about this bag,,, she loves it too,,but she was torn betwen getting the Crumpler bag or the Tracy Joy.. But she ended up buying the 6 million dollar Crumpler Bag for her Birthday (see here)...  So I told her Ill get the TJ so I can tell her if it is good...
I like the style of the bag,,, although it is not as well padded as my Canon bag .. It has lots of compartments and with a very trendy style..

When we go out and I like to take my Camera I do not take my handbag with me anymore... I just take the black Canon bag.... My hubby said I look like a tourist... and my wallet doesnt fit on it...

So with my TJ it fits perfect and I still have heaps of space...  Although for a peace of mind I added some paddings and placed the camera in a cotton cloth just to be safe...
I am also gentle when I place the bag down,, heyy,, I've got 3 extra lenses inside.. thats why...

It was  my gift for myself for my birthday and  I will pick up my Hubbys Gift for me at the shops ,,, The stock juts came in and I cant wait to hold on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
watch out for it!!!


  1. Hi Ms.Joy! That's a nice bag very fashionable... Well, for me, you can say that I am one of the tourist-like person carrying a Canon Black Bag LOL. I plan to get a Crumpler too.And wow you have 3 lenses ! :) That my next goal, to buy lenses ;) Thanks for this colorful entry.

  2. Uy nice pala much fashionable than my 6M Crumpler bag.. now I am doomed hahaha.. I guess pag nagsawa ka you can give that to me haha.

    Hey, your blouse looks like one of mine sistah! only w/o the vest

  3. I love the bag JoyD! bagay sayo!:)

  4. Nyeee Joy, I can't relate sa usapang camera and lenses... But your funky bag really suits you. May "Joy" ba naman ang brand name. :D Btw, I like your hair long, sigurado ka tatlo na anak mo? Papasa kang panganay ko e! Hehehe!