Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toy HUNT (Toy/s received on Christmas Day)

Christmas is over and we enjoyed it so much... Hummm,, my kids enjoyed it so much!!!
This week's TOY HUNT is posting a pic of toy/s that was received on Christmas day...

The night before Christmas the kids went to bed without a fuss knowing that Santa will come and give them gifts... They cant wait for the big day...

These are Daddy's and Mommy's gifts for Braiden... He is obviously been very good!!!
What he loves more is his Ice Blue colour Nintendo DS .. So he is pretty much occupied playing with it...

Come and join us in TOY HUNT and have fun hunting for toys,, see the details here...

On January 3 , 2009   Saturday,,, the theme for the TOY HUNT is TOY with Wheels  so get ready for it....

Thank you to those people who are continuously joining the TOY HUNT... keep on playing guys!!!!  See you next year!!!!!
Have a prosperous New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Santa sure was good to everyone this year- it was such a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. My son will love the toy train :) BTW,Braiden looks exactly like mommy ;)

  3. Hi Ms. Joy! Sorry I wasn't able to join, talagang super kaunti ng toys namin... I will try to join next time, promise!

  4. Your son's a sweetie :) And obviously a good boy because Santa was very good to him!

  5. hihihi dami ah!!d ko p nkukunn gfts ng mga ank ko hihihi =)

  6. Hello Joy! I'm sure super nag-eenjoy na kayo ngayon sa inyong holiday! Kami ay kababalik lamang. Bitin! Hehe! Anyway, ang swerte ng mga bata ano? Galit sa regalo? Hahaha! Ang dami-dami! I'll get back next year! :D

    God bless you and your family. :)