Saturday, December 20, 2008

Toy HUNT (Photo of favorite Toy under the Christmas Tree)

What TOY is under the Huge Christmas tree???

This is Bianca's New favorite Favorite TOY Under the Christmas tree... She just received it yesterday from Tita Vicky, We had a Pinoy Christmas Party yesterday and kids exchanged gifts and when she opened her gifts she was so excited about it!!!!
She even took the POLY pocket doll in her bed  .. and when she woke up she started playing with it and taking it everywhere ..
It's a Stylin' Polly doll. Its glamorous , Over 10 inches tall , with hair , makeup nails -- that can change color.
She can add jewelry and charms for a totaly new style

A well pampered DOLL!!!!!!! A pedicure and manicure plus a hair styling .... What more can you ask?????

Hair , nails and makeup  turn to pink highlights when she use a sponge with Icy cold water

Come and join us in TOY HUNT for details check it here.....


  1. Wow! I'm first! As if it matters. :D

    I must say, very glam talaga Bianca's new favorite toy but... Bianca would absolutely pass as a doll herself! Kay gandang bata. :D Super cute pout!

  2. Oh! That is so cute, and so is your daughter! I loved dolls when I was a little girl. :)

    Your tree is beautiful! I love that reindeer!

  3. Polly's so cute and the tree is beautiful :-)

  4. Aww that's so cute!I'm so inlove with the doll! lol You have a darling daughter!
    Pity! I could have join! Our tree isn't up yet! we'll have it ready on the eve,german way;)Will join next time;)

    Happy Christmas!


  5. can't post this week's theme!!! what a beautiful doll!!!

  6. your lovely daughter + the poly pocket doll makes me want to have a girl for my next child ;)(if God permits)

  7. The manufacturer has done well to make Polly look so pretty.

  8. wow what a cute gift!!! i love it!! i wanted to have a toy like that too for my ishi ehhehe wen are you going to give another gve away hehehe =)