Saturday, December 6, 2008

Toy HUNT (Christmas TOY or decor)

Welcome everyone to the TOY HUNT...
 To celebrate the Christmas season the theme for this months TOY HUNT is all about Christmas toys and decorations...

Don't worry if you dont have Christmas TOY at home,,,, be creative,,, Juts walk around a mall and take a snap,, I would love to see Christmas stuff.. Take a snap , just go crazy and snap and snap.. or If your friend or neighbor have an unusual , exciting Christmas toy or decor ,, take a snap!!!! 

Share it with us!!!!!
That is what TOY HUNTING is all about,,, HUNT and keep an eye on things...

FIRST of all I would like to thank the TOY HUNTERS for joining in and for those who havent join yet,,, What are you waiting for?????? Come and have fun with us see the details here..

Second.... I have a TOY to give away!!!!!!!!!! wheee!!!!!!! As my appreciation to all my TOY HUNTERS I am giving away a The BRATZ fashion swimwear collection!!!!  No need for complicated rules!!!!!
Just join in this week's TOY HUNT  , tell them about my TOY Giveaway and make sure to put my badge   and  you will be on a running to win this TOY.
TOY HUNT is open until Thursday December 11  closes on 5 pm Aus Time( check my time on my sidebar) So you still have time to post until Thursday....
 Sorry guys for those who have boys .. well this is such a good gift for friends!!!!! Or if you are in USA and have relatives in the Philippines I can just send it  to them ... 
(note... for the winner I would send it straight away but please consider the posting delay )

OK now this is my post for Christmas TOY or decoration 
This is SNOW MAN that when you press the leg a little Snow man will pop out of his hat with a Jingle bells tune playing... I bought this one from Avon and the kids are loving it ...

The kids also like the squeeling Pig ,, while singing Jingle bells and squeeling as the same time!!!! 

It's your turn... Please post your pic then leave your name and link if You are JOINING THE TOY HUNT..... Please respect and be fair .....
Don't forget to comment too...


  1. Good day! I also have a snowman entry :)I could use the giveaway for my niece :) cool prize for the girls ;)Have a great weekend!

  2. ahahah ang galing kahit nde ako ng sign ke mr. linky andito n agad nme ko? =) galing nmn so d ko n b kelangan mag sign ke mr. linky? kaya lang iba blog ko p ang palaro mo kaya mdyo edit ko ung sakin! =)
    cute nmn ng decors mo pero mas cute ung gve away! waaahhh my Ll girl would love that!

  3. Ang cute naman ng snowy toys na yan... and you captured it really good, ganda ng colors!

    (Jenn )

  4. hello !

    very nice christmas toys :)

    i have posted my entry at

    by the way, thanks for giving us a chance to win the Bratz toy :)

    happy holidays!! :D

  5. nice one, (especially the piggy) and very colorful too :-)
    that's very thoughtful of you to have giveaways :-)

  6. What a collection of Christmas toys! Hanep! Ako'y muntik nang 'di makasali. Hehe!
    Anyway, sana ay manalo ako ng Bratz na 'yan. Kay ganda naman talaga. You are so thoughtful Joy. Hehe! Joining this hunt is surely one sweet gift na but you've got to top it with a giveaway pa. Galing-galing!

  7. What's Christmas without a few snowmen - too cute!
    And I really want to win that Bratz doll!

  8. nice giveaway mommy!!

    The first meme that gives a giveaway! Great!

    Posted na about it!

  9. I love the snowmen :) Not having any kids and 2 nephews I don't think I need to enter my name for the giveaway! lol Good luck to everyone else tho! :)

  10. Joy, its been great joining in your toy hunt and it was such fun that its been part of my to-do list for the week and i enjoyed it...unfortunately due to uor belief, we dont celebrate this festive season so we have no toys of such theme... also, its agreat idea for you to give toys as prize (again, unfortunately for me i have a little boy thats into toys still and my littlemissy is slowly outgrowing her toys and is now beginning to like boys (mama mia que horror hahaha) anyway just wanna say thanks and hope we continue this as long as hahaha... maybe next time its not toys but something to do with us mamas hahaha

    you have a great festive season and enjoy summer yehey!!! and yes, we still have to meet up for a coffee or something soon :)


  11. I played along but unfortunately it's not a happy post at all :-(

  12. Im in Joy hehe..
    Merry Christmas

  13. hi! here's my other blog submitting an entry ahahha! =) thanks want to win that bratz thing-y kasi baka tuluyan n yang mawala eheeh =)

  14. Hi Joy, thanks for dropping by, will join your toy hunt soon, kinda busy pa with school :)