Monday, December 1, 2008

Laundry Clean Up

This months Monthly Organizing Round up is the Laundry... and boy oh boy I really need to organize my Laundry.....

Thank you Laura of Organizing Junkie for hosting this..

This was my laundry before ... Look how messy it was... Hey... whats the scotter doing in the laundry????? hummm... ahhh,, I confiscated it from my daughter because she was riding inside the house... so there you go stay in the laundry first...
Opps.. showing my dirty linen in public... Pardon me everyone.....
This is my AFTER........
Nice and neat... Can you see the blue step,, yes I badly need that I'm short and I cant fully reach my drier .....
Ohh.. I LOVE this brightly colored baskets!!!!!!!! they are really good because I can stack them and they are not bulky baskets and I can use for anything aside from the laundry... Very strong plastic made in Italy... So too all the big uneven sized baskets out of the laundry... to give way to some Funky baskets....

And my lovely hubby installed this for me,, I've got a small laundry that is why,   it was 7 inches deep only ,, just enough to put cleaning / laundry products in...
Last time when I cleaned up my wardrobe I gathered all the flimsy Target hangers .. yesss I was able to collect 3 boxes of plastic hangers the one with a number (size of the clothes) I changed my hangers to a wood  hanger.. they are neatly organized,, take a peek here on my Procrastination challenge 
So instead of tossing them out ,, I used them to hang my clothes oustide,, I can save heaps of space and they dry easily...


  1. What a great job decluttering. Love those baskets.

  2. wow, terrific job! I love the 7-inch deep closet (with doors and matching hardware!).

  3. You cleared that place out! Way to go!

  4. Super! I adore the hanger idea. I may adopt it. I haven't been able to dry clothes outside for years!

  5. wow ang galing hehehe great job, sana sasali ako sa procrastination challnge ni debbie last month kaso nalate ako pero nagawa ko lhat ng mga gusto ko ahahh tnx to that contest!

  6. you are really good... :) thanks for sharing this. its actually inspiring me to clean up the clutter on my own house!

    and i did clean up my kids cabinet earlier! :)

  7. hi mine is up na po so early hehehe baka kasi makalimutan ko ehehheeh =) pag sat kasi gamit ng hubby ko ang pc hehehe =) thanks!