Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wardrobe Clean Up

A few weeks ago I embarked into a Wardrobe Clean Up.. Since its Spring Time here already in Oz... I cant wait to put away those bulky sweaters that was invading our wardrobes... I started with my wardrobe check it here MY WARDROBE... and then I slowly started doing the kids room...
Since the kids grow quickly and every season they have to change their outfits, 
I patiently assorted the clothes that needs to be given away, toss, or to be kept for next year... This is Bianca's clothes ,,
 So I put the clothes the needs to go in a charity in the black plastic bag
I've also got a separate plastic bag to hold the clothes that needs to be handed down to  my friend's child 
Then clothes that are rip or heavily stained that needs to be thrown away.. actually what I do is if it is cotton I keep it and use it as a rug at home to wipe the car or anything in the house,, I also like the flannelet pyjamas because its good for dusting....

Then clothes that she can still wear next year I placed them in a Space bags where I vacuumed the air out to make it smaller so it will be easier to put away,, it deters moisture, dust and dirt so its very convenient to use...aside from  maximising the space....

I like this plastic storage that I am using for Biancas clothes ...
I placed a label and they are neatly placed inside ...


  1. wow!!! so organized.....makes me think about our closet as well, needs some organizing too.

    have a great week ahead!

  2. your right about kids growning quickly. We only have 2 season to deal with here in Manila and yet wardore clean up is still a must.

    btw, i'm here to deliver an award for you. Please visit:

  3. i was thinking about this thing also, it's just tht i dunno when and where to start sa dami ng kalat ahahah! nweis i have a gift for yah!

  4. Hi Joy :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and telling me about your autism experience. My daughter just started and I see some difference already. It's great to know if your son crossed over now because they said it's a lifetime thing so that is a real great thing. I hope my daughter will open up soon too. Little improvements make me happy what more the big thing :)