Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toy Hunt ( Toy/s with legs)

Meet the Super Hero Superman and Spiderman 2 of Braidens favorite Superheros...

The Superman talks and says.   " I'm Superman...up up an away!"
While Spiderman is  Braidens ultimate fav... there is a control at the back and it kicks it's legs and do a punching move... Cool for boys!!!!!

Come and join us in TOY HUNT  see details here


  1. they're great to play with aren't they?superman din ang isa sa faborito ng panganay ko.
    Hope you have a great weekend:-)

  2. hi... i posted my toy hunt for this week at

  3. my son loves spiderman but he is not yet familiar with superman :)

  4. nice toys... my son has the superman stuff... but he's not much on those super heros...

    mine is up. happy weekend!

  5. oo nga Braiden loves spiderman talaga..

    eto akin

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  7. hi there, im late again hehehe =) kasi gamit ng hubby k pc pag weekend hehehe =) anyway eto na po ang entry ko -
    good day!

  8. cute naman super heroes mo, siguro you'll recognize my entry kase it's from your sis Jen, pasalubong nya kay Josh pagkagaling nya dyan, he's a fave toy of Josh and he has great legs kaya here's my entry

  9. hey guys it is my first time to join. This is a nice meme to follow. Have a great weekend to all!

  10. I like them also.. just like Braiden, fave ko rin sila.. LOL..

  11. Toy Hunt, I'm glad I found it, what a great Idea. Wonder woman Barbie is as Super Hero as it gets around here. but one of her boots is missing.

  12. Mine is up na. Sorry late na masyado. I have problem sa internet ko.

  13. I missed this... bawi ako next week.

  14. hi joy! i wasn't able to join this round. was oot for "me" time. :) will join the next round (red toys) na lang. nice toys, btw. ;)

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  16. sorry (take two) ... my entry was quite late but here I am anyway... the entry can be found in

    pasensya na sa habol... huli man daw at magaling eh huli pa rin hahaha

    Jigi -- hoping everyone is having a great week

  17. its my first time to join, pero better late than never di ba? :) here's my entry:

  18. Hello Joy!

    Ibang klase na talaga mga toys ngayon! Kailangan nagsasalita or umiilaw or... Hehe!

    I hope pasok ang "legs" ng toy namin. :D

    Have a great day.