Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toy HUNT ( Toy/s that talk/s)

My entry for Toys that talk.. 
This is Braiden's Leapster .This one is suitable for ages 4-10.. We always take it with us especially on a long drive keep them occupied and very good for going out for  dinner , while waiting they have something to do .... He is good with this .. now he using Micah's Nindento DS it is more challenging , so he might get one from Santa....
It is a good toy  I recommend it.. They also released the new Leapster Pad  ..already available
Build essential school skills with the learn-everywhere Leapster handheld. Children become so engaged in the interactive learning games, you’ll want them to keep playing—because the more they play, the more they learn.

This is A Leapster TV which is compatible with the leapster cartridge,, so when the kids want to play on TV they just use the Leapster TV..
The Leapster TV™ Learning Game System brings Leapster and Leapster L-Max games to life on your TV. With a library of over 40 software games, players interact with their favorite animated characters. Action-packed games inspire a love of learning and reward problem solving. Includes Dora the Explorer Piñata Party! educational game.

I also posted Bianca's 1st Leap pad here .. Leap pad
For those who wants to join the TOY HUNT see the details here Join TOY HUNT

Happy weekend everyone .. Please leave your name and URL if you are joining the TOY HUT only!!!!


  1. my 7 yr old have the same toy,but the psp overthrown it. :)

  2. hi ms. Joy!

    the leapster is an interesting toy... my daughter, who is 4 years old, might like that.

    here is my post for this week:

  3. It sure is a nice toy. Good idea to keep the kids occupied on long trips.

  4. wow, what a hi-tech toys hehehe =) my kids would love that! mine's here!

  5. Joy, I thought I would miss out on this but was able to have one (the only one) from baby Z's small stash.

    here it isv...

  6. Hello hello!

    Yehey! Kasali na ako. Thank you Joy!

    I am so tempted to get my daughter the LMAX for christmas kaya lang pang 4+ siya e. Baka pag nag-4 na si Mia, may bago na sila. You know what I mean... For now, leappad muna. :D

    I'm sure your son really enjoys this to bits.

    Take care now! =)

  7. Neat toys. My princess would love to them.

  8. Sarah Has her lily from leapster, and has the leap pad book in pink that is a handover from Emily. I probably will not purchase any upgrades for her as Before long I'm sure Emily will out grow her DS. And Sarah Now takes her turn on the computer at safe Children's sites

  9. Oh this sounds like a fun photo meme. I'll have to try and add something for next week.

  10. hi joy. as usual, late ako. hehehe. pero hinabol ko tlaga. pati ung last week pa. :)

    talking toys >>

    multi-colored toys >>

    happy toy hunting! :)