Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toy HUNT ( Multicolored toy/s),,

Hello everyone,, Its Toy Hunt week again....
You are probably getting busy organizing the most awaited event of the year Christmas Holiday!!

Today, we are going to put our christmas decors ,, and for sure it will be FUN !!!  well I was just thinking of dragging probably 20 boxes out of my shed!!!! Thats  a lot!!!!! 

So to be in a Christmas mood I am announcing that the 4 Saturdays of December we are going to feature Christmas TOYS or anything associated with the season!!!!!!!  I will post the theme next time .....For sure it will becolorful and exciting so hang on there guys....

 Talking about colorful or multicolored ,, this is the heme for this weeks TOY HUNT...

This is my son's toy. It is a Fisher Price's train where you can put the see through blocks , it 's battery operated and can move by itself ...
This was his baby toy and my daughter Bianca used to play with this too.. Then I gave it to my neighbor for her baby.. She's outgrown it already so she gave it back to me!! all the baby toys.. now I have 2 boxes of baby toys in my garage.... That is why  I am looking  for a home for the baby toys ....

 I'm taking a pic of the toys so my kids will have a remembrance of their toys before I gave them away......

Happy Weekend everyone and keep safe!!!

To join the TOY HUNT check this site  How to Join...
Post your toys and then link it here....


  1. Wow! so colorful nga ung toy train ng son mo sis! :)

    Btw, I'm joining! Take a peek on mine here :

  2. Correct ka sis pammigay sa mga kapus palad hehehe at naku po naglulupa na sa toys yang maga anak mo....

  3. That's a nice colorful train Joy!

    My first ever entries for Toy Hunt and am happy I finally joined in the fun! Baka lang maubusan ako ng toys for the next themes... hehehe

    My 2 entries this week can be found here:

    Blessings in Life
    Thoughts & Beyond"

  4. Hi Joy, sorry was not able to join last week's Toy Hunt. I was not feeling too well enough to post my entry ;-). Anyway, my entry is already up. Have a great weekend.

  5. hi ms joy! i like your toy entry. not only colorful but cute too.

  6. Ako din, ichecheck ko nga bukas yung toys na di na nalalaro, sakto sa Jollibee di ba may ganun sila ngayon.

  7. fisher price makes gorgeous toys, and this train set is just as cute as it is colorful :-)


  8. very nice toy!!! anyway, i posted my toy hunt for this week too... check it out!

  9. I just love the way you took the shot of the train it's cute...

  10. I'm in! My first entry is up. Hope to see you there :-)

    Nita's Corner

  11. Hello Joy!

    One will never go wrong with Fisher Price. They may be costly but they are really worth every penny. One proof will be how your kids and your neighbor's kid enjoyed this very nice multi-colored toy train.

    Oh! How lucky your neighbors are! Sana isa kami sa kanila nang kami rin ay maambunan ng kahong-kahong laruan! :D

  12. hi yah! hehehe cute ng train....kung ipapamigay mo yan andito lang ako hehehehe, anyways mine is up na din! 4am na di pa ko natutulog hehe kaya medyo wala ng story yung blog ko heheh =) happy sunday!

  13. Joy
    here is my take on this week's toy hunt...made the entry late last night but wasnt able to post it in your blog up until now...

    have a great weekend mate!

  14. hello joy.. we had problems in our connection yesterday that's why I'm late..

    anyway, here's my entry..

    God bless you and ur family!

  15. hi joy here's another late entry, nag-field trip kase kami last saturday and when we arrived as what redge says we had connection problems kaya late kami pareho hahaha! ganda ng train multicolored, ano kaya kung ganyan ang train na tutoo siguro ang ganda lol! here's my entry take care!

  16. Thanks for the visit Joy. Just soo lazy lately are just fine and, freaking out with the weather again lately as know..kakaloka...
    Pang give away mona mga toys nayan? akin nalang hehehe

  17. That's nice train Joy! Kids now a days are spoiled. They have so many toys na hindi naman nalalaro siguro mga 2 beses lang. Anyway my entry is up!