Friday, November 7, 2008

SAHM-one speaks

Do you find blogging a good diversion whenever you feel the need to let things out in any way that you just can’t tell your betterhalf/friends?

Hummm,, in some ways it is a good diversion,,,  
But,,, I guess,, it's far more better to share my thoughts to my husband,, as you know we are very open to each other and we never keep a secret .. well,, thats is far as I know  ha ha ha.. 
Especially with my hubby Joe which we can talk anything under the sun,, well,,, I consider Joe to be a well versed, knowledgeable person and whenever I am in doubt I ask and confide with him,, and he usually  comes up with a good notion ,, so I can say blogging is good to share your thought and emotions but to keep a good relationship with your friends, partner and friends,,, a good conversation is still ideal...

You can us SAHM one speaks by MITCH ...

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