Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Melbourne Cup 2008-- Tried to be Glamorous...

Mommy JoyD took a break from a normal day to day clothes to a more glamorous get up!!!!

Yes,, just for a day I was able to dressed up nicely with a matching beautiful fascinator and applied a smokey eyed look .... How's that!!! 
Yesterday my Hubby and I went to Darling Harbour to attend a companys luncheon for the Melbourne Cup carnival..
All the ladies and gentlemen were all dressed up nicely and drinking champagne, wine, cocktails or beer..
As for me I had a nice meal and a glass of white wine- a glass  is enough for me because I don't want to end up wasted and loud... 
I still have motherly duties to attend to when I get home...
Although  my hubby and I didnt win on our bet; we still had a good time.. just being together .. On our way home I had a little nap-- humm must be that glass of Chardonnay... 

Picked the kids up from pre school .. My boy was exteremly happy when he saw us all dressed up .. He was saying "Daddy you're nice" and "Mommy its beautiful!!" while he was  trying to rip my fascinator ..

Got home .. give kids some afternoon treats , changed clothes, removed the smokey eyes make up.. changed to a daggy clothes  (as what my hubby said) prepared dinner for kids , bathe them,, played with them and put them to bed.....
 Back to reality folks!!!!

Last year I went out with a friend check out the pics here... Melbourne Cup 2007


  1. is that really u???

    ow wow!!! u are a head turner!! simply gorgeous.. i thought you;re the king and queen of a prom!

    really.. beautiful couple.. just lovely!

    take care!

  2. lovely couple! hope you had a grand time!

  3. Fabulous..may Melbourne Cup din pala sa Sydney? Kala ko Melbourne lang wahehehe silly me. Thanks for dropping at KiKaY

  4. awww sosyal ang bruha... may feathers feathers ka pa dyan ah.. with smokey eyes.. hmppp imggit me hahaha.. si fafa joe MIB naman hehe

  5. wow! you look so glamorous! it's nice to be all dressed up, a real break from our mommy duties. :)

  6. Love the look, Joy!

    And belated Happy Birthday!!