Sunday, November 9, 2008

Have to call a Pest Control..

Last night ;Joe's uncle and Auntie were here on our place for a visit, we were having  good night chatting and having coffee and a cake .
When they were about to leave; we heard noises upstairs and the kids were excited and scared at the sametime,, running down ,, telling us that there is a big Spider on our bedroom door…. 
Ohhh geezzz…Please  stop making noises children!!!! While the adults are telling kids to keep quiet; we were thinking it might just be a tiny spider..  the kids urged us  to check it because its huge…
And true enough as we ran upstairs we were greeted by Big Huntsman Spider….

My Auntie who is an animal lover who worked for RSPCA and a greenie ; told my hubby and I to get a broom, paper and a big Tupperware container… WHAT???? Hummm,,, I ran downstairs and as I was trying to grab all the stuff,,, the 1st thing that I grabbed was the BUG SPRAY to kill that scary spider… But she said no ,, we don’t have to kill them but just capture it and take it back outside because she informed us that  Huntsman spiders are not regarded as dangerous, and can be considered beneficial because they feed on insects and it will help with the environment…

Ngeekkkk… so my hubby and I just let them capture the spider.. We’re too scared to do it!!!

Well.. I guess I need to have my house inspected by a pest control ..My Auntie suggested that we should have a green approach ,, there are some companies who can provide a green approach to pest control .. The one that use a gentle nature product ..t we can even stay at home while the pest amnagement teams do their job.. So that’s is a good way to treat the environment , the one that has no odor no fumes and safe to for children and pets.. which uses the best, highest quality products available in the pest control industry.. 
So I have to make a call for an appointemnet I remember that we also have wasps in the backyard … I have to think of my family  and our environment’s safety.. I don't want anymore BIG surprises crawling around our house.....


  1. Eew. I hate spiders. We have Hobo spiders out here, which are huge and fast moving. They are also very poisonous. I have the pest control people out twice a year, but they do use a chrysanthemum extract that is safe around kids and pets and we stay home while they spray. It works great too. Good luck with your infestation. Ick!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment.