Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Decor

Inflatable Christmas decors..
I like the Nutcracker...
They are bigger than Bianca....

Last weekend after going out for lunch... Check that on my other site .. Weekend Lunch  
We decided to take the kids to a Christmas Warehouse...
I love looking at Christmas stuff  although I've got heaps of them already ,, My house looks like a Christmas shop ,,, I like to  look at some more  stuff,,, What I like are the big statues.. especially the nut cracker ... I've already got a Reindeer ,, but maybe after Christmas when it is 75% off... ha ha ha..
 the downside is where to place he stuff after the Holiday season ... my shed is half full of Christmas decors.......


  1. decors are huge.. and beautifullbtw, I have an ongoing Giveaway at my site sweetytot the prize is one month membership in an exclusive creative school, where your kids may want to learn to sing, arts&craft, cooking, photography and a lot more. Id like to invite you to join.. Please visit sweetytot for more info..

  2. wow ang lalaki naman nyan, o nga kung bumili k apa san mo naman lalagay yan mga yan..btw haha yung reindeer parang bading haha