Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TOY HUNT ( Toy that sings or with Music)

This my TOY HUNT for this week's theme Toy that sings or with music...

This was a gift for my daughter Bianca .. Care Bears that sings Ring a Ring A Rosy  .. as you can see this Care Bear has a magnet on the hand so when you touch it it will sing the song...

This Care Bears' name is CHEER BEAR....
 Bubbly and happy Cheer Bear is quick when a nice remark and always willing to help her friends.. Her name and rainbow belly badge say it best-- she's full of bright and colorful cheer!!!!
Now it's your turn... Post your toy on your blog then leave your name and URL here .. dont forget to leave a comment and visit others...
Thank you...


  1. as promised!! here's my link joy, and it is really a joy to do..


    where's your preggy pic? or your baby's first pic?? i want to see them too!! :)

    take care dear!!

  2. I joined, too! But please edit Mr. Linky.. I entered a wrong link. The correct one is the one in #5. For easy access, my entry is found here.

    I love the care bears! =)

  3. i added you to my blog lists too!! take care joy!

  4. I joined in... here's my toy with music
    Phonics bus

  5. My first entry is up. Have a nice day!

  6. Having fun hunting toys haha. Here's mine..
    Toy Hunt Entry

  7. hi my first time to join!


  8. mag jojoin ako dito, ate Joy! thank you for inviting me. will be back for my post. wala pako makitang pics sa ngayon, kelangan ko picturan bukas siguro, saka ako sasali hehee. naaaddict na talaga ako sa mga meme baka gumawa rin ako ng sarili kong meme hehee, have a great day po, ate Joy!!

  9. hi there. I would have to find a toy that sings so I can post it too. Most of my kids battery operated toys don't have batteries anymore.
    Have a great day!

  10. My daughter has that bear too! Mine's up!

  11. http://www.scatalan.com/2008/10/toy-hunt-toys-that-sings-or-with-music.html

    Joy that's my entry for this week. Ingat ka :)

  12. hello. got here from blog hopping. :) i joined po >> http://myonlydjuan.blogspot.com/2008/10/djuans-singing-toys.html


  13. Sorry I'm late.

    Here's my entry


    Also, kindly add me to your photo hunters list.


  14. this is a fun activity. well i guess, i am bound for the next toy hunt. I'm excited to share some toys of my little one.

  15. Heard this game from a friend, I'm glad there's a thingy like this...this is so much fun =) Here's my first entry, I'm kinda late but i believe in a saying that "better late than never!" hehehe =)