Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Procrastination Challenge

This is my first time to join in the Procrastination Challenge by Debbie of Virtually Organized.

Last weekend I was able to finish my wardrobe.. Its Spring Time here in Australia and the best time to pack away those bulky Winter jackets and clothes that has been choking my entire wardrobe...

Actually I want to focus your attention on my  Shoes...well if you can see it!!! it was hidden under the rubble ...... ha ha ha...  


Some of them are in their shoe boxes and some are juts hanging around there...

Ages ago I bought these Shoe storage Boxes 5 pieces in one pack LARGE (for Hubby's shoes and my boots) and SMALL for my shoes..  I bought around 4 packs of Large and 4 packs of small ,, I did some of it but never finished it,, I've got these from ALDI ,, I cant remember how much it was ,, its been  a long time now...

So one wekend I just tackled this projecgt that I have been procrastinating  on.. 

What I love about these shoe boxes are they are clear rigid Boxes and it comes with a Silica gel to aborbs the moist.. I like placing my shoes in a clear shoe boxes so I can see whats inside them,,, it protects from dust and moist ;it also looks good organized like this...They are mostly shoes that I wore for speacial occassion , some of my big boots are on top in their original boxes but with a picture of what the boots look like... while my everday shoes are in my closet downstairs.

Next time I'll post the entire make over of my wardrobe... watch out for it...


  1. Nice job on the closet. Doesn't it feel good to get organized. Just this morning I was talking to my wife about how happy we are with our food storage organization project. The reason it worked so well is because we took into account how we use the space. That's probably the most important tip.

  2. I just love this procrastination challenge!

    You have done a wonderful job! It looks GREAT!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Please come back often!

  3. Cheers haha kami rin ligpit winter clothes kasi grabeh minsan basta nalang hanger there hang here ang gulo. Hiwalay yung lagayan ng shoes, medyo may specific place yung bahay namin for shoes kaya walang hassle. Mga bata lang talaga nagkakalat ng shoes, lagay anywhere.

  4. I badly need one of that organizer.