Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Organizing my Office


I am so excited because this is my first entry for Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round Up    Few weeks ago I stumbled into Laura's site and went through to all her past articles.. since then I was hooked into it.. I've learned so much from her and she had me given me so much inspiration to organize...  
This months theme is OFFICE  and I'm very excited because I love my office and I spent most of my time in the office aside from my kitchen... (which I did some organizing too..)   

I started with buying or gathering the materials or containers that I needed
This was my desk BEFORE:
I've got heaps of desk space but the papers are scattered all over.. My daughter's got her Ibook next to mine so she shares the space and the clutter with me....
This is the AFTER pic... I have the document trays,, 
I found a desk sorter in my cupboard ,, very handy so everytime I've got mail and papers,, I open it straight away ,,put  the paper that are not important in the bin and as you can see I have a designated folders for Home bills, To Read and Needs attention...  On my Tray Ive got the Business bills to be paid  and To File which is getting full now,, I put away the file once a month, I guess I don't file straight away which I should do,, But I like to file when I'm just at home by myself when kids are in school ,, put a Movie in my Mac and watch and file!!!  That's my idea of filing.. 
As you can see under my pen holder is a coaster , very handy  when I bring a cup of coffee when I'm working .. I've also got a Big crystal paper weight which I found interesting...

I love this funky notebook which is coordinated with my mouse pad.. My notebook which I jot down some stuff... and my receipt organizer which I put my receipts after shopping,, or from the services I've gone.. from School or receipts from my hobby...
This is the BEFORE of my piled up magazines under my table...
This is the AFTER I bought a 4 tier shelf unit.. On top is where I put some books, or magazines
second level the black box is so special because it holds our  love letters, cards to each other; some pics and special memories. I called my hubby in the office and showed him the letters the other day,, and we were having a good laugh about it,, finidng how madly in love we are .. we still are but in such a different level being married and  with the kids.. 
The Blue containers holds my digi cam and my daughters cam , USB 
The black bag holds my laptop
The boxes are for my CD and I ve got the magazine holder on the right... the bin is on the far right (Not pictured)

Here is the BEFORE of my side table which is cluttered with magazines..
This is the AFTER I bought a 4 drawer storage   labeled My charger/cables; my office supplies; Tape / label er ; paper and stationery.Then I ve got the magazines holder and placed it there..
Then I canceled my Magazine subscription of Better Homes and garden because they also have a show on TV and its the same article in the magazines,,, Since Ive got Foxtel I just record the episode and watch it when I can; then delete the show afterwards...
I've bought this nice baskets with handle and placed a tag where I placed my CD DVD and batteries....

This is BEFORE of my Filing Cupboard.. Just full of stuff  since I've got the extra drawer already I was able to lessen the stuff inside..
The black folders are for My home bills  and the Red are for the business file..

AFTER ...As you can see on top of the drawer 2 organizer black and blue,, that is where I put all our personal papers like birth certificate, marriage cert and so on,, so Juts in case of emergency I can just grab it and run....
This is my BEFORE of my drawer where I put my Fax machine underneath is some over flowing  pens, papers and some stuff.. 

AFTER so I put some small containers and then labeled my Ruler . scissors with "Office Use only" because my daughter's got a habit of taking my supplies and not putting it back..
Then the lower drawer I put some files for my kids, school, speech therapy , My daughters file for school and some misc files.. Very useful for me...
And Ive also got a nice faux Leopard chair in the corner ; which I bought from Target where visitors can sit very welcoming...
And this is my Home Office!!!!   I love having  family pics all over .. On the door I've got a mood frame. where I have pictures of our last vacation and the beautiful place we've been reminding me how we had such a good time and wishing to go back to that place again.... I've also got a black basket pictured next to the chair where my teenage daughter place her notes and stuff when working in the desk,, so they're not scattered all over and when she's finished she can take it with her in her room.. Now I'm very particular with the mess in my office,, and before I leave I make sure to tidy up and its  easy because I have  more drawers and things are labeled so its functional...
 Thank you Laura for the inspiration and resources...


  1. hmmmm wow it looks so organized sana you can keep it that way hehehe.. baka guluhin ni Braiden at Bianca yan hehehe

  2. Looks great. I know how hard it can be to keep ahead of the magazines. Good job canceling one when you realize you don't need it anymore.

  3. Your office space looks like a wonderful place to get stuff done; I especially love the family photos everywhere!

  4. You absolutely cannot come over to my house, because my husband would fall in love with your organizational skills and I'd be out on my behind! I have kind of entered this non-cleaning mode of my life. It's very scary. LOL But, we are having a party here Friday night, so I think that will motivate me. Something's gotta give!

    Way to go on your office.

  5. looks great. I love the colors of your office!

  6. I LOVE the can be such a hard color to paint and you did a wonderful job. I love the baskets too!! Ive been looking for nice baskets since June..maybe i'll order some on-line. As for painting hubbys office, wont ever happen, we live on military base housing in Naples Italy and there is a strict no painting policy=*( somehome i'm going to have to add color just with accessories.

  7. Wow! Amazing job! (And I'm totally jealous of your red room! I may be a copy cat someday.)

  8. Wow! Super galing, Joy! Inggit, este, inspired ako ha. I tried your way of organizing plastic containers, I just found the energy and motivation to do so last Wednesday and I am so happy with the result ha! Hindi na super gulo and nakakawindang. Hehe. Thanks for sharing! Will look into this again for sure because I badly need to do these too. Thanks for sharing, makes me see that its doable and not just a dream. Haha!

    Have a lovely weekend and *hugs*!

  9. joy hindi ko yata kaya yan...well done you!

  10. sis, i love the basket organizers that you have least may touch of Pinoy pa rin sa house nyo..

    sipag mo sis.

  11. WOW! Now that is what I call container heaven :) It looks so amazing and everything has it's own home. Those baskets with handles are fantastic!!

    Way to go!

  12. This looks amazing. You make me want to organize my office. I ran out of time and didn't get to do last month's challenge, but it still needs to be done, so I'm going to take some inspiration from this post. Thanks.