Monday, October 13, 2008

Oral Health

The Declining dental heath of Australian children is enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth .. It is on the rise..
47.7 percent of six year old had a history of decay in their baby teeth..
However experts ay that tooth decay is preventable. They say getting parents to brush up on their oral care skills and helping them identify tha main causes of cavities is all that is needed to turn the statistics around...
The main risk of tooth decay are:

A high sugar diet, with lots of snacks
Putting a baby to sleep with a bottle of milk, juice
Bad oral habit ( Not cleaning teeth or visiting the dentist)
Poor intake of fluoridated tap water Here in Oz the tap water has flourid

To prevent caries it is recommended to switch children's bottles to cup at around 9-12 months and give kids a variety of nutritious foods..

As soon as teeth appear, start brushing twice a day using a baby toothbrush..

Use low fluoride toothpaste from about 18 months but only a small amount,, do not use full strength  til the age of 6

Brush every surface of every tooth.. Gently in small circles for the front. brush along the gum line of each tooth and brush the tongue to help remove decay causing bacteria..

Start gently flossing child teeth by age 2 1/2 at least twice a week..
Ideal brushing time is 2 minutes.

You dont want to end up like this!!!!!! EWWWWWWWW!!! ha ha ha

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  1. Our company makes Gripit Floss Holders. You can see them at Parents frequently tell us they use Gripits to floss their children's teeth because it makes the job easier than trying to put adult hands into small mouths. The kids then get interested in flossing themselves. This starts a good life long habit.