Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've got a little imitator at home....My Little parrot as I call her...
MONKEY see MONKEY do!!!!

This is my 3 1/2 year old daughter...
She is such a character and she absorbs like a Sponge!!!! everything and anything ...
Good or Bad!!!!

My husband as a typical Aussie Bloke and the most outspoken, uncensored guy I've ever met; likes to stir my little Bianca with words,, he try to say words and talk to Bianca sometimes just for fun,, and one thing you know it,, my little girl would utter some words... that makes me cringe!!! yeah,, I blame it on JOE!!!!! I always tell him not in front of my little girl... she is such a Parrot!!!! not only that ,, she loves to tell stories to her teachers!!!!!! there is no secrets in our lives!!!!!

She also act like a Big Sister to Braiden and boss him around... I can even hear her say phrases that I usually say ..

But one thing for sure there are words I want to hear from her...
I LOVE YOU !!!! as I tuck her to bed.... Music to my ears!!!!
I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! I answer,, kissing her.. Now go to sleep...

Don't Copy Mom and stop being too BOSSY.....!!!


  1. my little girl is about the same age as yours ... and she does copy everything i do!

  2. yay, i can just imagine her talking like a parrot, grabe, yeah you should sometimes censor the things that you say..,,...kaloka miss her

  3. I know exactly how you're feeling!!
    My son the parrot came home one day and blurted the F word out loud just hearing the trash man saying it. My expression was motionless for a couple of minutes!!!