Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This morning's news is not a good one for our retirees. The Superannuation funds have suffered their fourth consecutive quarter of negative returns and their worst performance since the introduction of compulsory super in July 1992. 
Members are flocking to seminars being run by funds in an effort to understand the potential effect these markets may have on their superannuation. 
Imagine those senior citizens who  worked hard so that when they retire can just enjoy and reaps the benefit of their labors . Most of them are also finding a good place to settle in and looking for a good retirement homes. There are plenty of options to choose from and heaps of retirement houses to choose from,, and there is a retirement community site to help them find a better place... But since they are relying  on their Super Funds ;Senior Citizens are getting anxious with how the market is going on..and they are very  wary about things to come... Its just ridiculous at the moment....  I m joust hoping that everything will be settled because everyone is suffering...

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