Sunday, April 13, 2008

Come and JOIN my TOY HUNT!!!

The past few weeks I was cleaning up my kids' bedroom,, the kids are growing fast and their needs and interest are changing . I was looking at heir toys and some of them are not appropriate to their age anymore.. So that means I have to get rid of it..
As I was gathering the toys and reminiscing their Infant years I thought of taking picture of the toys and make  a compilation of their Pre Loved toys... so when they they grow up they can look  and see what they used to have..
I had an idea of posting the pictures and describing it.. but the idea grew and I thought giving others a chance to share pictures of TOYS , so the TOY Hunt was conceptualized.

I am going to host a TOY HUNT.. every Saturday we will have a theme 
December 6  :       Christmas Toy or Decoration
December 13: More Christmas Toy or Decoration
December 20: Take a photo of favorite TOY under the Christmas Tree
December 27: Post a TOY that was received on Christmas

March 7 :       Yellow Toy/s
March 14 :     Wild Animal Toy/s
March 21 :      Any Disney Character Toy/s
March 28 :     Toy/s with wings

April 4 : GREEN toy/s
April 11 :  SQUARE toy/s
April 18  : RABBIT toy/s
April 25   : Toy/s with SHOES

May 2 : White Toy/s
May 9 : Battery Operated Toy/s
May 16 : Collection of Toy/s
May 23 : Funny/ Silly Toy/s
May 30 : Educational Toy/s

1.   This is open to all,, even if you dont have kids you can still join the Toy Hunt,, you can borrow or take a picture of your family, neighbors , friends and colleuges toys and post it on your blog/s. Original pictures only.. No image should be taken from any website ..

2. Copy the image of Toy Hunt , you can find it on my sidebar and place it on your blog

3. The TOY Hunt will be open every Saturday 12:00 noon Australia Time  (You can See My Time on my sidebar) This is the time that I will post my picture and put the Mr Linky... Take note that I am around 15 hours ahead of USA  so if you're from USA and wants to join in it will still be Monday on your place..  Just keep on checking on MY TIME  ... 
You can post your tag whenever its convenient with you,, just informing you about the time I will post the Mr Linky...

4. I will put a Mister Linky and juts leave your name and URL  .. Please don't forget to comment..

5. Take time to visit others to view to post/s.

6. Play by the rules.. Please no obscene pictures or toy/s to be posted...

7. Have FUN and invite others to join it.. Please help me promote this Meme by posting this on your site ,, It would be greatly appreciated...

8.  Please send notify me if you want your name to be listed  in my list of TOY HUNTERS   ,, but make sure to join in every now and then.

According to WIKIPEDIA
Toys, and play in general, are important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. The young use toys and play to discover their identity, help their bodies grow strong, learn cause and effect, explore relationships, and practice skills they will need as adults. Adults use toys and play to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, remember and reinforce lessons from their youth, discover their identity, exercise their minds and bodies, explore relationships, practice skills, and decorate their living spaces.


  1. Hi!

    I've already moved to a new domain. Please update my link to

    Hope you can also add my new blog 'In My Red Heels'- to your blogroll. I've already linked you up there.

    Thanks have a great week! :)

  2. Hi Joy pls count me in. My son has got lots of toys that he seldom play with anymore. But when I host a playdate at home he will suddenly get interested in them again. ;-). Here's my url

  3. Great idea. I sure play along if I have those toy mentioned. Thanks for the invite.

  4. count me in joy. sali ako dyan :)

  5. ok count me in Joy and remind me huh? Sa Ozlife blog ko gagawin kasi mostly about my kids topics dun eh.

  6. Thanks for the invite,Joy! I'll see what I can come up;-)

  7. Hi Joy :-)
    It will be my pleasure to join; I think it's a great idea!

  8. thanks for the invite sis. will do soon. :)

  9. thanks for inviting me ;) my kids are big now and we don't have much toys here at home.

    have a great weekend.

  10. Thanks for invite. I'll try to join if I get a chance.

  11. thanks so much for the invitation!

  12. Joy, thanks for inviting me too. Medyo busy lang ako ngayon but once my schedule becomes better I'll try to join your meme.

  13. thanks for the invitation joy. will try to get into it soon. i'll be posting them at :)

  14. I liked your blog. It is very interesting. After reading your blog i was reminded of my days when i used to play with toys. There is no child in my house so i won't be able to contribute.

  15. mine is up too!

  16. Hi Joy, I want to join kaso I dont have any toys dito sa bahay :( hopefully soon magka baby na kami so I could join :)

  17. Thanks for the invite and I'll post my first entry this Sat.

  18. Hi,
    This meme is cute..My baby sure got lots of toys here at home.
    I will post my first entry this Sat.
    Cheers! TGIF! Enjoy! :]

  19. mine's up now for the Fluppy toys

  20. I'll try to join Joy i won't promise but i will try. Thanks for inviting me here. God bless!

  21. Hello Joy, found this through Pining's.

    I gasped when I read about you taking pictures of your kids' toys just so they could see what they used to play with. :D I did the same thing a year ago (I wasn't into blogging yet) just so when I tell stories to my daughter when she gets way older, it would not be that hard to describe a particular toy anymore. You don't need to be an expert with cameras here right? :D So there, I hope I could be a part of this.

    My blogger is

    Thank you.

  22. Hello Joy!

    I'm joining in this fun meme. Am just hoping I can find a toy for each theme each week.

    I'll be playing here:
    Blessings in Life
    Thoughts & Beyond

    Hope you can add me to your Toy Hunters. I have posted your logos too. Thanks!

  23. I'm in! My first entry is up now. Have a great week everyone.

    Nita's Corner

  24. count me in too! will be posting my first ever post this saturday, dec. 13th. hugs!

  25. Hi Joy! Thanks for the meme. I just posted my first hunt. :D

    Could you please add me to the list of hunters? My site is


  26. Hi! This is really a cool idea, mommy! I also want to discard old toys because we have no more space but I just can't. That's why I keep on taking pictures whenever I get the chance so when my daughter is grown up, she would be able to see them even if in pictures.

    I am also thinking of "toy exchange program". What do you think?

    I also wanna join the past Toy Hunt theme, if it's okay with you. Thanks, mommy and more power!

  27. Hi Joy, I would really love to be listed as a toy hunter :)

    Make or Break

  28. mommy how can i join the Toy Hunt?

  29. Hi! Can I join? I'll start on the 9th!

  30. really very nice and attractive with amazing thanks


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