Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cold BUG!!!!

Its SPRING time ,, but when I just cleaned up my wardrobe and my kids closets ; put away all the bulky winter gears then we experienced one of the coldest October day in Sydney!!!!!! good thing I left some long sleeves shirts and jackets in the kids wardrobe,,, just in case.....
And after the two days of  chill,,, now its 29 C  and we're wearing singlets and short!!!! Wheww.. cant win!!!
 I've noticed that the kids are having a runny nose after that cold snap,.. and my boy had 39.4C temperature last night!!!!!! now he is perfectly fine....

We already past the WINTER blues... and as I recall,,, my kids were always sick and with runny noses and cough ,, they go to preschool and the cold viruses there are everywhere....

Why WINTER????
*They say that everyone has a lowered immune system in winter, and our metabolism is also slower, so things don't move through us as well. There are still viruses around in summer, but they tend to move them through your system  a lot quicker..
*Spending more time indoors breathing recirculated air also enables bug to spread more easily..

Did you know ??
*Most children will get better without medical treatment within 5-7 days 
*Coughing is usually helpful because it removes secretions from the lungs and prevents further illness.
*Colds are caused by viruses and the antibiotics ahve no efefct on them.
*Colds are more common in large families
*There are literally hundreds of different cold viruses.

Preventive measures :
Prevention is always better than cure and a number ways to ward off catching a cold.

*Balanced diet
*Iron is crucial , Vitamin C is also needed to absorb iron, ensure children gets plenty of fruits and veggies.
*Never under estimate the importance of good hygiene in the prevention of illness, 
*Washing hands more often and wiping surfaces , door handles , tables and arm rest with an alcohol based wipes are good ideas.
Source:  Small Wonders Australia

Take it easy ... keep safe everyone...!!!

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  1. thanks a lot for the info mommy! needed that! got sickly babies here :)

    take care always! :)