Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Changes in TOY HUNT

I would like to thank all those lovely people who participated in my TOY HUNT...
Way togo!!!!!

I would like to announce some new changes on TOY HUNT ..

     Instead of having it on Tuesdays I changed it to SATURDAY.. it will give more time for moms to do it and since I started working now I am busy during weekdays so I will decided to host it every Saturday which I believe its more convenient to all...
TOY HUNT is open for the whole week til the next due of the next theme,, so those who are interested can still post their pics and leave their URL on my blog...
Just click on the TOY HUNT to read all the details...

The next toy hunt will be on Saturday November 1  the theme is Fluffy Toys/ Stuffed Toy

So see you next week!!!!!


  1. Oh okay... at least I still haven't posted mine. See you on Saturday's toy hunt!

  2. Hi! I just joined your toy hunt today, and kinda had a late post for the music toy theme. I hope it's ok.
    Thanks for the lovely thought of sharing this activity :)

  3. mine's up at http://photoblog.fickleminded.net/2008/10/31/th1fluppy-toys/