Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring Time

Yipee.. Its Spring Time here in Australia!!!!
Meaning its getting a bit warmer and I'm loving it.. The kids can play outside now and big woolen jumpers/ jacket that are bulky are going to be put away soon... No more freezing nights and runny nose..I can see some new shoots that's growing from the trees and flowers... and the store will be decorated with Christmas stufff!!!!
I'll be able to see these beautiful blooming flowers soon!!!
have a Wonderful BER- Ry Months to all.. If there such a greetings like that.. let me be the first to greet you all!!!! ha haha


  1. Lucky you!! It seems that sunny days here in Genève will be over soon. The weather is changing and we're expecting rain over the wkend.

  2. lovely flowers! wish we can have that but we don't have enough space for them. btw, my blog's URL has now changed to please update. thank you and have a nice weekend:)