Friday, September 5, 2008

Mac Games for Micah

My daughter who loves her Ibook so much is nagging me to download Mac games on her Ibook.. That was our Christmas Gift for her last year; since she had been very good in school; their school uses IMac computer and she is quite good in navigating it.. But whenever she needs to download certain file she has to ask permission from me ; she cannot just download Apple games by herslf… Why ??? because I locked her Ibook…. That is what I love about Mac because the new Leopard Operating System has Parental control. We can limit her use of computer, the system that she can use,, and we can restrict certain website that's not appropriate for her and we can view all the site that she had been through... Sometimes before she can open a site my password will be asked,, A real TOTAL PARENTAL CONTROL... It gives us a peace of mind; knowing she will not be able to access restricted sites.

We have to be strict with her whenever she using the net because there are some horrid stories we've heard.. The net is not all good, there are some people who are using it maliciously,, thats why we have to be careful.. But when she asked me to download mac games  I went to the site and checked out some cool Mac games that they offer they have different categories ranging from Action , adventure, cards puzzle, simulation and so much more... and I saw they also have Bejeweled 2,, ohh I love this game!!! So there are heaps of games to choose from,, You can download a demo game,, try it first and then if you like it,, just purchase it,, So I have to look around the site first and we will decide which one she likes.

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