Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cleaning up the rooms

4 weeks ago I posted the messy rooms of my children as my entry for Litratong Pinoy for the theme (Ayaw ko / I reject) on my other site The Way of Life in Oz and I said I have to clean the room first and post the pics of after cleaning up so check the messy rooms here..

And these are the pictures of "After" cleaning up....
I just have to tidy up the toys, vacuum and my kids helped me .. so here is it,,, I just have to redeem my self for posting the messy rooms...
My kids love their bed rooms,, its like a playroom for them too.. They've got heaps of toys and activities to do in there...

They are constantly making a mess but I make sure that they tidy up before they go to sleep.. especially my little girl Bianca who is so eager to help me... She even volunteer to clean up Braiden's mess.. 


  1. ganda na ng rooms nila:) buti naayos ano? hirap talaga pag may bata sa bahay.

  2. ang galing mo, joy. how do you manage to juggle looking after 3 kids,a hubby and a big house! take note, without sacrificing family time ha. idol!