Saturday, August 23, 2008

To be beautiful...

How far will you go for; to be beautiful???
This is such a sensitive topic about having to go under a knife just to improve an apperance.. There no such thing as perfect face,, and in every race and every culture there is such a diversity. I came from a Filipino heritage and I'm proud of it, dark hair, brown skin, short stature, and small nose. I may not be 100 % happy with the way I look but I can cope with it, I just do some things to hide some imperfections or focus on my strong traits so it will stand out more and be noticed instead of the imperfcetions.. Its just the a matter of the mind,, the perception, I love to watch shows about total makeover some had breast enlargement, chin implants, liposuction or a rhinoplasty in San Diego California and the results were amazing !  It was a really life changing experience for them .. 
But for me;I just don't want to make such a drastic changes on my appearance; actually I am not against aesthetic surgery, I just don't feel like a need one. To those who are contemplating on having one done if that's what they want to do, and if it's makes them happy I wish them well....

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