Saturday, August 9, 2008

TLB Hardwood

My husband Joe has been a cabinet maker for the past 20 years , in that time he made TV cabinet entertainment and kitchens cabinets, he loves to work with natural timbers.. In his factory there are sorts of timber around and of course there are some timber that are hard to work on and some that are so easy .
He always researching and looking around for different materials and products He came across this website TLB Hardwood.. They specialize in Lumber Hardwood White Birch and Aspen. The website is easy to navigate on and gives you a lot of options on choosing the right timber; as far as website goes he thought that this was a pretty useful site to be on. Information on the white birch and aspen are right there at your fingertips and you can compare these species of timber much more easily over the web than with just brochures.
They offer a custom made products to suit the needs of Kitchen cabinet manufacturers, Furniture manufacturers, Edge glue panel manufacturer, Flooring manufactures.
That is why my hubby is so interested with the site,, he was looking at all the wood specifications and technical data sheet of the lumber hardwood white birch,, and since my hubby works in a kitchen manufacturing industry he was to be reassure that white birch is excellent wood for kitchen cabinet….
The White Birch which is a species that is produce in Eastern Canada and very durable. One of the advantages of white birch are : -white color -fleck free -no mineral streaks However, it is a small tree in diameter and shorter that other common hardwoods.

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