Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scenic World Blue Mountain Australia

Out on a weekend again.. Last weekend we enjoyed it by going away again,, I always say that we love to take the children out every week ,, and we really do...  We just love to spend the weekend out with the kids ,, they are very good now.. they are used to going out and eating out that's why there is nomore tantrums... They are good kids and we enjoy going away.. last Saturday we decided to go to the Scenic World Blue Mountains, It was freezing cold that day ,, I thought it was snowing in the mountain, well, it didn't but we had a great time because we took a ride on a Scenic Skyway; Float on air in the Skyway!
Nowhere else in the world can you experience this thrill.
The Skyway takes you on a 720 metre journey, 270m above ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls - be suspended over Jurassic rain forests as you glide smoothly across the sky.
Scenic CableWay The steepest aerial cable car in Australia!
Takes you on a 545 metre ride into - or out of - the World Heritage-listed rain forest of the Jamison Valley.
Scenic Railway Ride the steepest incline Railway in the world.
The 415m descent will take you through a cliff side tunnel into ancient rain forest.
The kids love it,, they were not afraid and they think that the rides were "cool"..

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  1. wow it look so cold up there in Blue Mountains when you went there. Syang i missed that cable at skyway pero sor usre i;; be scared to death naman eh