Sunday, August 10, 2008

Run ....Baby.. Run...

With child obesity on the rise, it is crucial that we encourage our children to be active!!
Long time ago ,, there is no problem with childhood obesity, I remember when I was young we used to run around the rice field ,, playing chase or just running  around.. We have games that kept us "Chinese garter", Tumbang Preso, Luksong tinik and others.. Hayy those were the days my friend....... Sadly that kids are pre occupied with so much sedentary activities,, like playing video games or just watching TV.. My kids watches TV all the time and when I see that they've been staying inside the house for a long period of time I encourage them to go outside ,, even if it winter time here at the moment.. I take them at the backyard; play with them, ride the bike, jump on the trampoline and Run Around.. It is good for the them because it  releases their energy..

So it is our duty as a parent to give them a healthy lifestyle...We always make it a point to go out every weekend , take them to park, play Bowling , things that keep them up and about..
It is important to get in there with children in their formative years and make progressive changes.. The earlier they get active , their social and cognitive aspects are going to be well developed.
 Being physically active supports children socially, as they build themselves they will have a positive relational experiences, they will learn to negotiate rules, and as they learn to cope with winning, losing , sharing and co operating  through play, they develop their problem solving skills...
Exercise is a good stress reliever, if the child is having difficulty sleeping, concentrating , it can help them ease the pressure.. that is why when my kids had a big day ,, they get worn out and go to bed easily... easy for us..
Here are some Activities to try 
0-2 years
Fill empty drink bottles with sand, water, bells, rice or other noisy or bright objects. Giving them to your child to play with helps them to understand their bodies and how they move and enhances their understanding of cause and effect.

 Encourage your child to blow bubbles through a wand and chase them as they fall.

2-3 Years
IN and OUT  
Boxes and Tunnels are a fun way to provide children with new gross motor experiences, by moving under through different shaped objects.. have you noticed that when you have big boxes the kids are fascinated with them and they just want o climb inside  and go through it... Priceless they say...
To develop fine motor skills , you can teach your toddler to zip the zipper by turning it into a game.

Sit in a circle and choose three different exercises, such as running on the spot,jumping  or touching toes.. Roll a ball to the  child and ask her/him to do the excerise.

Play a bear hunt game. Do some movements, encourage the child to do their own actions, such as marching their feet and patting their knees at the same time.. or do some animal walk.. like ducks, elephant. tiger, dog or anything ,, 

USE your imagination,, be creative and enjoy it ,, because when they grow up and become teenager they wont like to play with you anymore...
As I always say engage to your child's world and soon you will start giggling... 
They grow up fast and love every bit of it!!!!

How about you what are your favorite activities that you do with your child / children? Feel free to share it...

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