Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Skating is FUN!!!

We have a new family activity.. ICE SKATING!!!!!
Last weekend we took the kids to Liverpool to try Ice skating.. I never tried Ice skating in my life.. Joe tried once before but Micah she knows how to Ice skate..
Its was 1st foe Braiden and Bianca too,, So I took Bianca with me and Joe took Braiden.. It was nerve wrecking but I managed to hold on to my composure.. I just kept on holding on to the rail while the other hand on Bianca.. So we just went around and around.. But sooner than later ,, I saw Braiden skating without any help... That was Pretty amazing,, Well,, we knew all along that he can do it because I always say that he is a very well coordinated boy...  He loves to play Golf so we consider him as a good Golfer ; he learned how to swim by himself too a Good Skier... so I am not surprised that he picked it up quickly..
So when Bianca say Braiden skating by himself ,, Bianca decided to let go off my hand.. and there she was gliding by herself.. So it was my turn,, and strangely enough I was loving it!!!! It was so much FUN!!! FUN And FUN!!!! Wheee.. the family that skate together stay together..
It was a 2 hour session and before the session was finished we are all gliding.. The kids would fall ,, but they were quick to get up..
So this is our new favorite family activity ,,, Ice Skating.......


  1. Hi Joy, thanks for the visit. Ayyy, I dont know how to ice skate LOL... Antonio does though.

    Take care always!


  2. awwww sarap naman ng ice skating for sure eh mahuhulog ako pag nag try . i remember when me and micah did the skating sa park oh my goodness nahuhulog ako palagi..

    si Braiden ang galing naman he loves activities pala like that so keep him experiencing that.