Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting conscious

We're not getting any younger and the more we age some obvious changes appear. In the case of my hubby ; he hair is getting thinner and scarce; I sometimes tease him but I know it makes him feel conscious about it,, well, what he can he expect ? it runs in his family , all the male in his family are suffering from alopecia (hair loss) and I know he feels sad to see his Red hair getting thinner; I know there are ways to deal with it like to have a  medical hair restoration surgery  or wear a toupee (no way!!!I cant allow him that) or just let it be!! He opted for the last choice, and he is willing to shave them all off , well, during summer time he shaves them all off , and he looks good,, it suits him,, makes him look tough!!! all he need is a Harley Davidson bike; a mustache and tattoo... ha ha ha,,, I told him I love him no matter what and he us the most adorable man for me!!! 

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