Thursday, August 7, 2008

Curious Joy wants to see....

This is my new Meme... and I am Curious JoyD
The original tag is on my Aussietalks site so please visit it... and do your link there...

This is so cute and I want you to pass this to your friends...

Rules :
1. Be Spontaneous and have fun!!!
2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag / bag and take out all the stuff
inside. Take a picture of all your stuff.. Everything...
Even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper.. or we might see something amazing in your bag.!!
3. List all the things ..
4. Make sure to link back to Aussietalks and leave your URL
5. Pass this to your friends and tell them to link back..

These are the stuff that was in my bag.... My bag is a Kathy Van Zeeland bag
Eclipse Mints, Mentos, Kitkat Mints, and Worms Jelly ( I always have mints because Braiden loves them)
The Wiggles CD ( The kids love to listen to Wiggles while in the car)
My Make up Kit ( Essential stuff of course)
My wallet ( Louis Vuitton kuno.....)
My Nokia Mobile
Pocket calculator ( So while shopping I can calculate if I'm over the budget ,, ha ha ha)
Antibacterial hand Gel
Avon hand Cream
Bianca's wiggles necklace and bracelet
My Car keys
My Ipod Nano ( always in my bag,, handy if I'm waiting at the doctor's office)
My hubbys calling card
Receipt from grocery
My DG sunglasses

have a Good Day!!!

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