Saturday, August 23, 2008

Circus Time Again!

Yes,, we braved the chilling night and took the kids to the circus yesterday night! 
The first time we went to the circus 3 weeks ago see the pics here.  Our kids had a great time.. They just love watching the circus and we all had a great time,, that is why my hubby promised that whenever there is a circus he will take us,, so when he found out that that the Lennon Bros. circus is in town we have to bring the kids.. On this circus they have lions , geese and monkeys, llamas and dogs performing aside from the clowns and acrobats..and true enough it was entertaining,, they also have a trapeze act that why it is more exciting..
So after preschool I picked the kids up , they had a warm shower, hopped in the car went through A Mcdonald's drive through and went straight to the circus which started at 7 Pm. I already put the kids into their pajamas with their night gowns on top of it, to keep them warm they are wore beanies and scarves,, it was a freezing Friday night!!! got home at 10 pm and kids went straight to bed with smile on their faces...

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